La Primitiva Lottery Strategies

La Primitiva lottery

Playing the La Primitiva is quite easy since it has a pretty basic format. A player has to pick six numbers from a pool of 49 and match them with the numbers drawn at the La Primitiva draws to win the La Primitiva jackpot. To win that jackpot you have to do a little more than pick six numbers. You have to make sure that the numbers you pick have been picked rationally for you to have any chances of winning a prize in La Primitiva. Below we have listed some of the important La Primitiva strategies that will go a long way in achieving this target.

  • When you are picking your numbers make sure you pick both odd and even numbers. It rarely happens that only odd or only even numbers are picked in a La Primitiva draw. The right ratio for odd and even numbers for La Primitiva 2:4, 4:2 or 3:3.
  • At least one number from the previous draw in La Primitiva gets drawn in every draw. This happens more than 56% of the time in La Primitiva. So when you are choosing your numbers take this factor into account and choose one number at least from the previous draw.
  • After you have chosen your numbers for La Primitiva make sure the sum of those numbers falls somewhere between 115 and 185. More than 70% of the time the jackpot winning combinations have a sum in this range.
  • If possible, make a group and play La Primitiva in a group. Playing in a group will make it easy for you to buy multiple tickets and it will also arm you with a lot of luck since you will be playing a few other people.
  • Avoid picking numbers with the same last digit or in particular last sequence. A machine will pick numbers and not machine chooses number in that manner.

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