Is There Any Way of Finding the Most Popular Winning Numbers for EuroMillions?

EuroMillions tips

The announcement of EuroMillions winning numbers every Friday is probably the most waited phenomena in the lottery world. Every ticket holder prays to god that he or she wins the jackpot that Friday. But as we know that not everyone can be the winner. God only smiles upon a select few.

Is there any sure shot way of winning?

Many will come and promise you that they will offer you ideas which will help you increase your chances of winning the EuroMillions jackpot. You can find these techniques on websites, books, software etc. But do they work at all??

What numbers to choose?

Over the years, it has been seen that certain numbers appear in the winning numbers quite often. Nobody knows the reasons for that. But it happens.

Most often drawn EuroMillions balls

These are the some of the numbers that appear in EuroMillions draws quite often:

Numbers Number of times drawn
50 49 times
19 41 times
37 41 times
9 40 times
12 40 times

Star Numbers drawn most of the time:

Star Numbers Number of times drawn
3 84 times
6 81 times

Least often drawn EuroMillions Numbers:

Numbers Number of times drawn
28 19 times
46 23 times
39 24 times
48 24 times
27 25 times

Least often drawn Star numbers:

Star Numbers Number of times drawn
4 64 times
2 66 times

Playing your entries

We are not trying to suggest in any way that just by playing the above numbers your chances of winning will increase or you will actually win. All we are trying to do here is trying to educate you on the numbers that appear on EuroMillions draws more often than others and nothing more. Just keep these numbers in mind while playing EuroMillions. But at the same time use your own intelligence while playing. Just because a number appears more often than others does not anyway mean that it will appear the time you are playing and vice versa.

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