Indiana Hoosier Lotto Strategies

Indiana Hoosier Lotto

If you are playing Indiana Hoosier Lotto, then there are a lot of tried and tested strategies that you can adopt which would increase your chances of winning a prize. Always keep in mind that these strategies would not guarantee a win since the lottery is purely a game of luck. But they would make your choice of numbers a little more rational and will give you the edge compared to other players. Some of those Indiana Hoosier Lottery strategies have been listed below.

  • It has been seen that in Indiana Hoosier Lotto one number from the previous draw gets repeated almost 68% of the time. So, make sure you pick one of the numbers from the previous draw while you are choosing your numbers.
  • Have a balance of odd and even numbers when you pick your numbers for Indiana Hoosier. The right ratio for Indiana Hoosier is 4:2, 2:4 or 3:3. Numbers drawn in Indiana Hoosier get drawn in these ratios almost 83% of the times.
  • After you have chosen your numbers, make sure the sum of them falls somewhere between 113 and 181. Sums that fall within this range account for over 70% of the jackpots won in Indiana Hoosier.
  • Play in a lottery pool. Playing in a pool will definitely increase your chances of winning since you would be able to play with multiple tickets. Playing in a pool also brings you some extra luck which might make you cross the last line and give you the jackpot you always dreamed of.
  • Take a good look at the recent Indiana Hoosier draws. It will definitely give you a sense of the things you should be doing to pick the correct numbers.

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