Illinois Lottery Strategies

Illinois Lottery

Winning the lottery is highly dependent on odds favoring for you. So these odds need to be maximized. There are no guaranteed winning strategies for winning the Illinois Lottery. But some methods can be followed so as to have some winning advantage:

  • There are two numbers that can be picked either the hot numbers or the cold numbers. The hot numbers are in constant use and the cold numbers are the ones that have not been used a lot. A combination of the two can be done, but this needs some amount of meticulous calculation.
  • Always aim for winning both the big and small jackpots. The smaller jackpots can be won more easily if you use a wheel strategy where smaller and more briefly sized numbers are chosen and this increases the chances of winning a lot more.
  • There are some lotteries that require you to choose in a sequence and hence the numbers can be boxed and chosen in a certain order that increases the odds of winning.
  • The lottery tickets that are bought must be numerous and not just a single one. The more tickets are bought the more are the odds that favor a win in the lotto.
  • The best way to go when selecting lottery numbers is being completely random.

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