How to beat the Lottery System

Lottery system

People, magazines, Internet, periodicals name them all will give you lots of tips on how to win the lottery. Ever bothered to ask yourself which of these tips have been tried and tested and been found capable of hitting the jackpot?

Well this article is all about methods, which one can use to increase his or her chances of winning the lottery.

Odd number, even number strategy

One thing you have to know is that the winning numbers of the lottery are scattered all over the paper. It is up to you to pick them out. If you are keen, you will notice that the winning numbers are usually spread out as both odd and even numbers. Let’s do some math.  If you figure with probability, you will find that when you choose only even numbers, the odds for you are a measly 6% of winning chances. If you spread out the numbers having both odd and even numbers, you increase your chances to a good 65%. If you choose only odd or only even numbers, then prepare to dream on to your grave.

High number, low number strategy

Another tip on how to win the lottery is the high number and low number strategy. If you look closely at numbers that have a trend of winning the lottery, you will notice that the winning numbers have been scattered out the entire field. Try to cut out these numbers into half and call the first half the lows and the other half the highs. Evenly distribute these numbers in your selection criteria and you will have a higher chance of winning. If you do the contrary, then this is a sure way of failing.

Lottery group strategy

At each draw, one should be keen on the numbers drawn. One may find out that one or more of the number groups missing being represented. That is your ante. To better understand this technique, keep track of the winning combination and be wise to avoid them in your selection. This will surely do help you get the prize.

Count your hot numbers

Hot numbers are numbers that rarely come through in the draws. One needs to list down the winning number combination from each draw and gauge the hot numbers. Since these numbers have been losers in previous draws, they get their chance of winning in the next or following draw. These numbers get hotter as the draw goes by so be wise and act timely, not too early and not too late in the game.

Use these strategies and sooner or later, you will be the one being asked about how to win the lottery.

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