Hot Tips to Winning the UK Lottery

UK Lottery

Taking home the jackpot is something that all avid lottery player’s desire. However, most believe that winning the lottery solely depends on luck. Therefore, they solely depend on lady luck smile for them to hit the jackpot. As much, this may be correct; there are factors that will actually contribute to you winning the jackpot.

The hot tips below are not fool proof and may not automatically make you take home the jackpot. What they will do is increasing your chances of you taking home the jackpot.

Never make your selections solely based on birthdays

Most lottery players actually do this and this drastically reduces their chances of winning. The reason for avoiding birthday dates is straightforward. Birthdays do not contain numbers above 31. By playing birthdays means that you will be excluding 18 numbers (from 32 to 56). This really diminishes your chances of winning the lottery.

Be choosy while selecting your numbers

Any avid lottery player knows about this. Although it may appear superstitious, it is a fact that some numbers really bring bad luck to you. Let us take the number 13.A quick research on the numbers drawn in the various world lotteries will make you notice that it is quite hard for it to be drawn as a winning number.

The other numbers that perform equally poorly are the numbers 16, 41 and 20. The number combination you should go out for is that of 8, 31, 11, 9, 23, and 25.

Never Select Your Combination through Patterns

Most lottery players like making their number selection based on some arithmetical series or patterns. Making your selection through diagonal or square patterns might appear the easiest way to select your numbers, but there is a downside to it. In the case you win, the prize money is shared among any people, therefore making your winnings quite negligible.

Now that you know how to win the UK Lottery, play the UK Lottery Online.

Good Luck!

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