Hot Lotto Strategies

Hot Lotto

If you are playing Hot Lotto and if you want to win big then there are specific strategies which you can adopt that may prove fruitful. Here are some of the tried and tested Hot Lotto strategies that will surely help you win a prize at Hot Lotto.

  • When you are picking your numbers, have a healthy mix of odd and even numbers. The right ratio of odd and even numbers in case of Hot Lotto either 3:2 or 2:3. In more than 66% of cases, numbers chosen in the Hot Lotto draw had these ratios of odd and even numbers.
  • After you have chosen all your numbers, make sure the sum of those numbers falls somewhere between 75 and 125. In 70% of cases in Hot Lotto, tickets that have won the jackpot had numbers totaling in this range.
  • It is essential that you choose one number from the previous draw if you’re playing Hot Lotto. One number of the prior draw gets drawn in Hot Lotto almost in every other draw.
  • Have your numbers well spread, meaning do not pick your numbers from a particular group or section. For instance, do not pick all your numbers from the teen group.
  • Play with multiple tickets. Playing with more than ticket will increase your chances of winning a prize tremendously. It will also give you the chance to choose multiple numbers.

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