France Loto Strategies

France Loto

There are many strategies that you can adapt to win prizes in France Loto. Here, we have listed some of the strategies which we think will be quite useful in winning your prizes in France Loto.

  • In France National Lotto you will have to match your five picked numbers with the five numbers drawn numbers if you want to get your hands on the jackpot. When you are choosing those five numbers, make sure you have a healthy mix of both odd and even numbers. The right ratio of odd and even numbers for France Lotto is 2:3 or 3:2. One of these patterns is drawn more than 68% of the times in France Loto.
  • In France Loto, one number from the previous draw gets repeated more than 43% of the time. So when you are picking your chosen numbers make sure you choose one number from the last draw.
  • Take a look at the previous draws of France National Lotto and try and figure out a pattern. This will significantly benefit you to pick the right numbers. You can make use of reputed lottery software to carry out this research.
  • Make sure that the sum of the numbers you have chosen falls anywhere within 93 and 157. It has been seen that in France Lotto, over 70% of the time jackpot combinations have a sum that falls within this range.
  • Playing in a lottery pool will increase your chances of winning some prize in France Lotto manifold.

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