Easy ways to calculate the odds of winning the lottery

odds of winning the lottery

Pretty much all lottery players know that the odds are stacked against him but the idea that they are huge underdogs doesn’t have a deterring effect on ticket buyers. While most of them can go on with their hobby without minding the odds, there are others who are interested in knowing exactly what their chances to win are. Given the fact that not all lotteries are governed by the same rules, the odds vary greatly and it is useful to know how to calculate the odds of winning each lottery.

Calculating probability in easy steps

There are many lotteries around the world, but of the most popular one is the 6/49 Lotto which can be found in one form or the other in many countries. This is why we found it useful to tailor the example in such a way that it revolves around this particular lottery. There are six probabilities is that need to be calculated and we will name them x1, x2, x3, x4, x5, x6, with each of them representing the chance for one of the 6,5,4,3,2,1 picks to match the numbers.

X1 is 6/49, x2 is 5/48, x3 is 4/47, x4 is 3/46 x5 is 2/45, x6 is 1/44 and the values for each probability are as follows: x1=0.125, x2=0.108, x3=0.085, x4=0.064, x5=0.043, x6= 0.022. Now that we have the probability for each number to be matched, it is very easy to calculate the chances of winning the main prize by simply multiplying these values. X1 * X2 * X3 * X4 * X5 * X6 = 0.000000072 which translates into a chance of 1 in 14 millions, which without being an uplifting result can at least provide players with an accurate idea about what they are up against.

Stay grounded and realistic about your chances

With the odds being clearly hard to beat by players, it is only natural for some of them to find a way around the system in an attempt of boosting them. This opens the door for lottery scams and the perpetrators are frequently advertising systems that in one way or the other are supposed to improve the chances to scoop the main prize. Those who know how to calculate their chances to win can easily see through their deceit and stay clear of their worthless products.

The idea that some numbers are luckier than others or that there are hot, cold and the ones is nothing more than wishful thinking for those who can’t accept the fact that the odds are small. By calculating the chances to win, players do more than realizing the fact that the odds of winning are slim to none, but also understand one immutable truth: the only way of increasing your chances is by purchasing more tickets.

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