6 Funny Strategies to Help You Pick the Lottery Numbers

6 Funny Strategies to Help You Pick the Lottery Numbers

There are many approaches you can take when choosing your lottery numbers. You want to be sure that you figure out a stellar strategy and run with it.

You want to be confident when playing the lottery, but not cocky. No one likes a boaster, but you have to go in believing that this is your lucky day.
Let’s face it, the lottery is based on luck. It doesn’t matter what your name is, where you work, how many cars you own, or where you vacation. We all have the same chance at winning the lottery.

That is why you must take extra care when choosing your lottery numbers. You have just as much chance as the next guy, but it’s all in the numbers you choose.

Here are 6 hilarious ways to choose your lottery numbers.

Grandma’s teeth

We all love grandma. She is the cornerstone of the family, and you have the chance to honor her. We all know the older we get, the more precious things become to us.

Teeth tend to be a big thing for older people. No matter how old they are, they want to try to hold on to as many of their teeth as possible.

So, you should definitely use the number of teeth your grandma still has, when choosing your lottery numbers. Those are some lucky teeth to have made it this long, and grandma is doing all she can to preserve their life.

Why not help her along with honoring them in your lottery number pick.

Tackle Box

You’re out to catch the big one, right? Well, you need to turn to your tackle box for some inspiration. Fishing is much like the lottery.

You cast your line out, and hope to rope in the big one. Count the number of lures you have in your tackle box and use it in your lottery number pick.

This method is a sure way to pick the winning numbers. You could do a ratio of new lures verses old lures. Just make sure you include your tackle box content in the picking of your lottery numbers.

Cell Phone

Technology is a great thing. It happens to be a very major part of our life, so you really need to include it in all your important decisions, such as choosing lottery numbers.

Think back at how many cell phones you have owned in your lifetime. I know this will be difficult because it seems we all change cell phones like we do underwear.

I bet you could even go over to your junk draw in your home, and see how many still remain. We tend to cling on to our old phones, even when we will never use them again in our life.

You could even use the number of old cell phones you still have in your lottery number picks. Those phones stored in your junk drawer are lucky they haven’t seen a landfill yet. It’s only a matter of time for them.


Our career paths are a major part of life, and something we should never take lightly. Think back to all the jobs you have had in your lifetime, which was your favorite?

Choose the job you wish you held on to, but thought the grass was greener on the other side, so you decided to move on. That is the one you want to focus on.
Now that you have that job in mind, choose a number that is associated with it. Rather that is a clock in number, the number of people who you liked at that job, or maybe the year that you started working there.

This lottery strategy is sure to get you the winning numbers. That was an awesome job, and you should honor your time there by including it in your lottery decisions.


Yes… your shoes are an important part of your life. They carry you here and there, and they see a lot of wear and tear.

The least you can do is honor your shoes by including them in your lottery number choices.

Go to your closet and count the number of shoes that you own. That number should definitely be included. Why? Because your shoes have never let you down.

They are there day after day caring for your stinky feet in the best way they can. You owe it to them!


A dog is a mans best friend, so you should include them when choosing your lottery numbers. Determine how old your dog is, and that is the number you should pick.

If you don’t own a dog use a neighbor’s or a family members dogs age. What ever you do, do not choose your lottery numbers without including a dog’s age in the mix.

You will lose if you neglect this strategy. A dog is a companion, someone who will love you no matter what. That is a lucky value to have, even if you do not directly own the dog.

You still benefit from your friends and neighbors having the love of a trusted companion. That in itself is enough to include a dog’s age in your lottery number pick.

Now you have it. Go to the nearest convenient store and choose your lottery numbers wisely. Incorporate some or all of these methods, and you are sure to come out with a winning lottery ticket.

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