5 Easy Ways to Become Luckier in Lottery

5 Easy Ways to Become Luckier in Lottery

I must admit, the moment I started playing the lottery I thought that to win the lottery all I needed was a bit of luck. However, in time I realized that it takes a lot of skill, experience and dedication to win the lottery, but it also takes a lot of luck, not just a tiny bit. On top of this, I must admit I became a luckier lottery player. How did I manage to do this?

Before I go any further, note, luck or fortune is not something you can measure or apply a concrete strategy. Instead, it takes a lot of trial and error. It’s a relative thing, so to speak. What has worked for me may not work for you, but it sure is worth a shot. Then again, what could work for you may not work for your friends for instance.

So, let’s take a look at how I managed to become luckier in the lottery. Hopefully, it will give you an idea how you can become luckier and more successful.

Have FUN! – If You Aren’t Comfortable Doing It, Then Don’t Do It

You see, if you’re not having fun, then that probably is not the real thing. It’s the same with getting luckier with the lottery. In the beginning I was too confused, I didn’t know what was actually going on. But, I was having fun. There’s a reason why there’s beginner’s luck. However, as time went on I became to understand the lottery. I learned a great deal. I knew everything about it, inside out.

Personally, I became uncomfortable by how unsatisfied I was from the lottery. Then I realized I was playing the same lottery for months. So I decided to spice things up a bit. I started roaming around, looking for new interesting lotteries. On the way I met a lot of lottery players who later became my friends. I started having fun again and my returns increased. It turns out, I became more successful because I switched the lotteries. My style of play, my approach suited that particular lottery. I considered myself lucky, not skilled.

Come Up with Your Own Rituals – No Voodoo

It can be anything from getting up from your bed on your right foot, to brushing your teeth with your left hand if you’re right-handed, or maybe keeping your lottery tickets in that special place you always felt had some special powers. By doing this you will train your mind, your subconscious mind to expect something good to happen to you, for instance, winning the lottery.

I used to do some of these, however, I became a bit too extreme with these so called rituals. I became obsessed with them. My S/O was worried about me. I kept doing more and more things, I eventually forgot about my real tasks, my daytime job, I even forgot about her. Fortunately, she was there when I most needed her.

Take this as an advice, try not to get too carried away. It may end up pretty bad. However, I did become luckier. I don’t know why and how, but I did.

Make a Wish When You See a Shooting Star

Remember how when you were a little kid, you’d make a wish whenever you’d see a shooting star? Usually, at this moment you wish for something you really desire. In your case, that should be winning the lottery. This little wish can do wonders. By thinking about it, the stars re-align. Well, not the one that’s a star no more, but the rest of them.

It’s the opposite of a black cat crossing your path. The black cat brings misfortune, because you think of that bad thing happening to you. That’s why we avoid black cats. On the other hand, shooting stars, that magical moment when you think of winning the lottery can eventually become reality.

It’s the little things that can bring you fortune. Note, you can track if there are some meteor showers nearby on the internet. It’s not cheating! At least I don’t consider it cheating.

Buy Lottery Tickets for Your Friends as Gifts

I started doing this back in the days when I had literally no idea what to buy them for birthdays, holidays, etc. Bear in mind, this was only a gift given purely out of fun. Besides the lottery ticket, I gave them other things as well. It would be rude to give them lottery tickets only.

So, after a few months, my friends started buying me lottery tickets. I don’t know why or how, but these lottery tickets were all winning ones. In a way, I became luckier by becoming generous in my own way. My friends loved the gesture of bringing them into my world. I showed them a glimpse of what it feels like to play the lottery. Some were lucky enough to win and eventually they got hooked on the lottery.

Do Other Stuff – Don’t Just Focus on the Lottery

As I said earlier, being lucky cannot be measured. It might be something you learn along the way, then again a bit more effort can increase your returns. We can agree that Lady Luck can’t be summoned. But, we can try to lure her.

I can only recommend you have fun and do what fulfills you. I know that the lottery is what drives you, but in order to become luckier you have to expand your views and look further. Mark my words, luck will come to your doorstep.

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