4 Unusual Strategies — How to Play the Lottery

If You Want to Get Something You Never Had, Do Something You Never Did

4 Unusual Strategies - How to Play the Lottery

As weird as it sounds once you put it in practice you’ll see it really is true. I myself never had ripped abs since I never went to the gym, nor I exercised in the comfort of my home. Well, guess what! I pushed myself to the limits and voila, the body I always wanted, now I have it.

It’s pretty much the same with the lottery. You’ve probably haven’t won the jackpot yet, then do something you’ve never done before and you just might win that much-wanted prize. And if you have won the jackpot, kudos to you! I’m sure it was a real life-changing experience.

So by now, you must be wondering “What can I do differently? How can I benefit further?” Don’t you worry as we got just what you’re looking for in a well-packed easy to understand way?

Expect the unexpected and you just might win yourself a huge jackpot.

Listen to Your Subconscious Mind – It Might Be the Key to Success

No, no, no, this is not another episode of some weird TV show, in fact, it’s really simple, but it takes practice. You and your body and coexisting, however, those are two separate terms.

Here’s how it works.

Let’s say for example you are in need of some extra money. You are under stress and you feel as this is the best time to win the lottery. What happens is your body is trying to communicate with you and help you out in achieving this goal.

One form of communication is your dreams. Some of you think you’re not dreaming at all, but you are simply not remembering them. One of those dreams could’ve held the all-mighty winning number combination. And all you had to do is go and buy a ticket with that same number combination.

If you want to take it a step further do your research about meditation and tap into your hidden powers. That just might trigger your “luck” factor.

Avoid Methods Other Players Use – Mathematical Patterns and Frequent Numbers

This is the most common approach lottery players tend to have. They think there’s some sort of pattern to what the numbers of the lottery draw will be. The fact is, there’s no such thing. The best thing you can do is avoid this style of play.

The people who use have this approach, have they won? Are their average winnings bigger than yours? Most likely not! So why should you use this strategy? Avoid it and you’ll be better off without it.

The patterns I’m talking about include everything from weird pyramid or circle patterns to following a multipliable pattern of numbers such as 5, 11,16,21,26… You see where this is going.

By doing this, lottery players think they increase their odds by covering every possible number. If you want to play the lottery this way, you’re going to have a bad time.

On top of this, by using this pattern approach, chances are you’re going to share the jackpot with a lot of people. Oh, and did I mention, avoid birthday dates! That way you use a limited range of numbers. Lottery includes numbers higher than 31, but you know that, right?

Do Your Homework – Research on Past Lottery Draws

We all hated homework. Why should I do my homework when I can go outside and play? Well, eventually you get bad grades by doing so. If you want to play the lottery the right way, you have to do a bit of research. No hard-work people here, it’s fun! Once you realize what numbers made someone a wealthy person you’ll find out what it takes.

Here you won’t find any of the already mentioned patterns, as the draws are random. What are the odds of having the same number combination come up twice? Well, avoid them.

By doing this you will also realize if there are numbers that appear often. Now I know that we already said this is a bad thing to do, but the numbers you will spot and the numbers someone else has can vary and all it takes is one number to be different. Voila! You have yourself a pick.

Be aware; don’t get too much into the statistics. You will go crazy. Leave it to the mathematicians. On the other hand, I haven’t heard lately of some mathematician making colossal winnings.

Be Creative! – Have Your Cat to Pick the Numbers for You

It sounds crazy, but winning the jackpots sounds crazy also. It’s as if they are the perfect match. Crazy things lead to crazy results. You can thank me once you claim your reward. And no, I don’t want a share of it.

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