iDeal Lottery Sites

The iDeal is the lottery deposit option choice for fans from Holland.
The iDeal is a unique payment system that offered to fans from the Netherlands.

iDeal considers to be one of the most secured e-wallets deposit options, in 07 Ideal reported that she made more than 17 million transactions.

iDeal offers to lottery fans a way to transfer cash into their lottery accounts and buy lottery tickets using their Ideal account. It’s becoming the most favorite payment option for lottery fans from Holland.

About iDeal

iDeal is a fast home banking payment method that guarantees payment. This system is basically from The Netherlands. iDeal started in 2005 by the Dutch Organization Currence. This is highly popular and is steadily in rising as more and more people are opting for the convenient method of home banking. In 2006 iDeal processed 4.5 million transfers, 15 million in 2007, 2008 saw a transfer of 28 million and 2009 recorded transfer of 45.5 million. This process is not only a convenient method for individuals, but also offers a real-time payment method for the merchants. iDeal is virtually a risk-free system and low cost. iDeal uses interface the same as the customer’s banking website. The safety and security of this system solely depend upon the safety and security of the customer’s banking site. This online e-commerce system is safe, quick and simple online payment process. There is no chargeback to be offered by the iDeal system. This can be considered as the disadvantage for the customers, but for merchants, it’s a great advantage. The scope of the system brightens because of the participation of many big banks. ABN Amro, Fortis, Friesland Bank, ING Bank, Royal Bank of Scotland are among those banks.

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