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NovoLoto 7/34 Numbers

NovoLoto 7/34 Review

NovoLoto 7/34 Review

Lotto is arguably the oldest game of chance globally. Records dating back to the second century BC show that people used to engage in games of chances which had a form similar to the Lotto. China is said to have funded some of the major government projects, including the building of its great wall from the proceeds of Lotto. Today, Lotto is a mass phenomenon and almost every country in the world has its own set of Lotto games. In Macedonia, the first Lotto to be organized was 5/36 which later changed to 7/39.

NovoLoto 7/34 is a new concept in the Lotto industry and is run under the authority of the State Lottery of Macedonia. The game brings together culture, happiness, humanity, and entertainment to give people the perfect opportunity to actualize themselves. The number of combinations NovoLoto 7/34 has is relatively fewer compared to other lottos such as Lotto 7/37 and Lotto 7/39. That said, it gives frequent opportunities to win compared to all other games under the State Lottery of Macedonia and is, therefore, best suited to the local market.

Novelette 7/34 and the Macedonian Culture

The NovoLoto 7/34 playslips and tickets have interesting backgrounds that showcase Macedonia cultural treasure. This is specifically done so that players can in addition to the gains, appreciate their famous archeological sites, monumental buildings and monasteries. Some of the recent tickets and playslips have included natural beauties such as the traditional values Macedonian cities and great figures who have contributed sacrificially to enriching the Macedonian tradition.

Playing NovoLoto 7/34

Playing NovoLoto 7/34 is quite easy. It is a numerical game where you choose 7 numbers from 1 to 34 and an additional number. Winning in this game requires that you match 4, 5, 6, and 6 numbers with the additional number. If you guess right all the 7 numbers, you win the jackpot, which is the treasured prize in NovoLoto 7/34.

You can play NovoLoto 7/34 in any of its numerous outlets in Macedonia. When you get to the outlet of your choice, you will be given a playslip which has 10 panels. Each panel represents an opportunity for a play and this means one playslip can accommodate up to 10 plays. When marking the panels, you are required to use a dark blue or black pen and your markings should be clear enough without any erasure. In case you make a mistake on one panel, go right to the bottom of the panel and you will see a box with the word VOID beside it. Check that box and the panel will not be considered.

You have a choice to play either individual combination or multiple combinations. Individual combinations simply mean choosing the 7 numbers out of 34 in each panel. On the other hand, multiple combinations mean that you can enter for many entries in the same draw and this enhances your chances of winning.

Payment Confirmation and Ticketing

When you make a payment in NovoLoto 7/34, a percentage goes to the humanitarian fund to boost welfare developments and the other part goes to the prizes. The ticket or payment receipt is the proof that you are a participant in loto mk. Without it, you cannot claim prizes as and when you qualify for them.

Every payment receipt is unique and contains information for the combinations you have been entered for, the joker number, the circuit, the lot number for the lottery subscription, the point of sale, the seller’s code, the name of the lottery, and the total amount of the payment made in Denars. In addition, the ticket also contains the control code which is only known to you and the exact time when the payment was received.

When you receive your ticket, you need to take care of it by signing it at the back so that you can authenticate it. If you don’t do this, someone else may pick up the ticket and if it wins, they can collect the prize as if they were the original owners. Also, keep the ticket safely so that it doesn’t crumble and delay the verification process in the event it wins a prize.

NovoLoto 7/34 Prize Breakdown

Draws are held in public and transmitted directly via television on the TV Sitel Program. The results of the drawings which include the drawn numbers and the report are published immediately following the draw and players who have participated in the particular draw can check it out in the newspapers or on the official State Lottery of Macedonia website. If you walk to any point of sale, you can also verify the results and confirm whether you are a winner.

The following is the prize payout table:

  • When you correctly match the 6 main numbers and the extra number drawn from the pool of 1 to 34 numbers, you win 600,000 Denars. This is the jackpot.
  • The second prize is where you match 6 numbers without the extra number.
  • Winning the third prize requires that you match 5 of the drawn numbers.
  • The fourth prize goes to the player who matches 4 of the drawn numbers.
  • The fifth prize goes to the player who matches 3 of the drawn numbers
  • The last prize goes to the player who matches 2 of the drawn numbers.

This makes a total of 6 winning categories. Usually, the State Lottery of Macedonia assigns 50% of the proceeds in any lottery draw to prizes. In case there is more than 1 winner in a category, the gains are divided equally amongst them.

Collecting the Prize

Prizes can only be claimed upon producing a valid ticket. The outlets can only pay up to 5000 Denars. The payments are guaranteed by the State Lottery of Macedonia AD Skopje. You have up to 30 days to claim your prize, failure to which it is put in the unclaimed category and goes back for humanitarian activities.

Any winnings greater than 5000 Denars are paid at the headquarter of the State Lottery of Macedonia located on the MRTV Building, 18th Floor. Their contact form is (02) 323-7777. Ensure you fill in the necessary claim documents together with your identification documents when making your claim.

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