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Mini Mega Results

Mini Mega Review

Minimega Aruba Lotto


Playing of lottery has become a widely practiced phenomenon. Initially, lotteries were preserved for a select few which were either rich or knew the game very well to an extent that they could forecast with a certain degree of confidence their outcome. This growth in appetite for lotteries has resulted into the emergence of lots of platforms including the Aruba Lottery Mini Mega. As opposed to other lotteries which are conducted behind the scenes, Mini Mega is one of the lotteries that have gained popularity all over the web.

Playing Mini Mega Lotto


The first step in playing this lottery is to get your numbers right. Usually, players are given 4 numbers to pick from ranging between 1 and 30. In the event you want to play the same number combinations, all you need to do is to select in advance the amount of draws you wish to play in the Multi Draw. Thereafter, handover your selection and the applicable payment to the retailer who will in turn give you a ticket with your selected numbers printed on it together with the draw date, identification numbers, ticket price as well as the value of every panel played.

It is important you check your ticket before leaving the store so as to confirm its accuracy. The retailer will not be held accountable for your lack of verification and attention to details. Each panel gives you an opportunity for one play which costs 5 Aruba Florin (Afl).

Mini Mega Draws


The draws for Mini Mega lottery are held twice a week on Tuesdays and Fridays at 9.00 pm. The window for purchasing tickets is open until 8.45 pm on the day of the draw. Any tickets purchased past the 8.45 pm time are pushed forward to the next drawing. In the event you claim a prize on a Multi Draw ticket before all the drawings are finished, you will be issued with a continuation ticket with the same play numbers as those in the original ticket for the remaining draws. Where your ticket wins a prize, you should claim it within 90 days from the draw date.

Winning the Mini Mega Lottery


In order to win the lottery, you must first purchase a ticket from a retailer with your selected numbers. Since many prizes go unclaimed, you must be particularly keen to check the official drawing results for the winning ticket. Tele Aruba broadcasts all Mini Mega Drawings live while the lottoaruba.com, Twitter and Facebook also make the results available. If you check in the local newspapers the day following the drawings, that is, on Wednesdays and Saturdays, you will also see the winning tickets.

The Prize Payout


In the official Mini Mega drawings, 4 out of 30 numbers as well as 1 Mega Ball are drawn at random. If your 4 numbers and the Mega Ball match the 5 winning numbers from the official drawing, you win the Mini Mega Progressive Jackpot prized at Afl. 250,000. Where you match 4 numbers without the Mega Ball, you get a payout of Afl. 5,000. Apart from these two main prizes, there are cash payouts for matching 3 numbers and Mega Ball which is Afl. 500, matching 3 numbers Afl.50 and matching 2 numbers and Mega Ball Afl. 15. Matching 1 number and Mega Ball give you a free ticket.

Rules in Playing Mini Mega Lottery


Since your ticket is a bearer instrument, you must examine it carefully to ensure it is accurate. It is the only proof you have of a bet placed. The organization in charge of the lottery Fundacion Lotto pa Deporte Aruba (FLPD) does not take responsibility for stolen or misplaced tickets. Where the ticket issued is stolen, altered, defective, mutilated, misprinted or fails the confidential validation test, then it will be considered void.

The information contained in the FLPD computer system takes precedence over any other information printed on your ticket. In order to claim a prize, you must present your ticket bearing a valid signature and a proper identification. Prizes of Afl.500 and below can be claimed from any authorized FLPD agent while larger prizes have to be claimed from the FLPD Head Office in person. FLPD has every right in publishing the name, address and photograph of the lottery winner.

Austria Lotto Prize Breakdown


The following are the Aruba Lotto Mini Mega prize tiers and estimated prize for each tier.

Prize Match Prize Won
1 Prize Match 4 numbers & Mega Ball Progressive Jackpot Starts @ Afl. 250.000,00
2 Prize Match 4 numbers Progressive Jackpot Starts @ Afl. 5.000,00
3 Prize Match 3 numbers & Mega Ball Afl. 500,00
4 Prize Match 3 numbers Afl. 50,00
5 Prize Match 2 numbers & Mega Ball Afl. 15,00
6 Prize Match 1 numbers & Mega Ball Free ticket
7 Prize Match Mega Ball Free ticket

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