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Mexico National Lottery Numbers

Mexico National Lottery Review

The Mexico’s National Lottery – For the Lottery Fans


Before we talk about how cool the Mexico’s National Lottery can be, let’s look at a brief about them, because it only makes sense! A long time ago, during the Colonial Period the King of Spain, Charles The III along with the Viceroy Marques de Croix went ahead to support Francisco Javier de Sarria’s proposal to create a lottery. Now Francisco wasn’t the father of all lotteries, in case you’re thinking he invented it. He actually based his proposal on a logical and systematic approach adopted by the European Lotteries and termed it the “modern” or “Mexican” system.

But it wasn’t until the 7th of August 1770 that the New Spain heard the announcement that it would be getting its first Latin-America lottery under the name “Real Lotería General de la Nueva España”. On the 13th of May 1771, nine months after the announcement, its first draw was held and then ten years later, the then Viceroy Don Martin de Mayorga diverted the proceeds from the lottery to an orphanage called Hospicio de Pobres, and this is how public assistance from lottery began in Mexico. Then, during the Independence War, which began on the 16th September 1810, the Viceroy Felix Maria Calleja created two separate lotteries, one for the capital and another for the state.

The aim of these two separate lotteries was to fight the insurgency. As it stands today, the president of the Mexico’s National Lottery is Mr Porfirio Diaz and the Mexico’s National Lottery, which was also known as Lotería Nacional for some time, has continued to support many public interests including constructions, medical assistance and has contributed to the Castaneda mental hospital in Mexico City. Today the Mexico’s National Lottery is known as Lotería Nacional para la Asistencia Pública and is located on the Moro building.

Different Lottery Games under the Mexico’s National Lottery


The Mexico’s National Lottery offers a variety of exciting lottery games for its lottery lovers in and outside of Mexico. We’re just going to look at a brief about each lottery game to get an idea of what they offer:

Draw Mayor

Draws are help every Tuesday and offers a lucky winner or winners to win up to $18 million! The odds of winning are as little as 1 in 3 and by investing just $25, winners can take home a hefty amount of $300,000.


These draws are held every Wednesday and lucky winners can take home a bounty of $10,000,000. The odds are 1 in 4 and just by investing $10, you can get to win a cool $250,000!

Superior Sweepstakes

These draws are held every Friday and if you’re lucky you can get to win a cool $15,000,000 and for just $30 you can get to take home a nice $375,000! The odds are 1 in 5.

Zodiac Draw

With the odds at 1 in 5, the Zodiac Draw allows a winner to win up to $6,000,000 and for just $15, a winner can take home a cool $300,000!

Mayan Prophecy Draw

These draws are held every last Sunday of each month and guarantee a sole lucky winner to take home a solid $8,000,000! With the odds at 1 in 5, for just $20, winners can take home a nice $400,000!

Special Sweepstakes

These draws are held once a month and guarantee a jackpot of not less than $25,000,000! With the odds stacked at 1 in 5, for just a $50 investment, winners can take home their share of a cool $625,000!

Magno Draw

This draw offers a jackpot of a whopping $75,000,000! With the odds at 1 in 5 for an investment of $100, a winner can take home a nice $1,250,000.

Gordo Christmas Draw

With a jackpot of a whopping $150 million and the odds at 1 in 5, a lucky winner can win up to 2.5 million pesos if they invest $100!

The Mexico’s National Lottery


Apart from that, the Mexico’s National Lottery offers instant lottery, Keno and a lot of other exciting games to be devoured by an avid lottery player. So next time you’re in Mexico, grab the nachos and the tacos and go straight to play the Mexico’s National Lottery and who knows you’re probably going to return with a big fat check! May the Lady Luck bless you with good luck!

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