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Illinois Lotto Review

  The Illinois Lotto is a rather unique lottery, that has a starting jackpot of $2 million which grows quickly and can be rolled over indefinitely. Players need to select six numbers ranging between one and 52 and only pay one dollar for two games, which greatly improves their chances of winning. While the tickets can be also acquired online, it is important to note that a minimum purchase of five dollars if necessary, but for this money players will have 10 chances to win a significant amount when the draw takes place.

What are the chances of winning the Illinois Lotto

  Contrary to popular belief, the fact that the players need to indicate six numbers out of a total of 52 don't increase their chances of winning the jackpot. Since a dollar buys two lottery tickets, the chances of winning with either of them stand at 1 in 10 million for the jackpot. For this to happen, players must succeed in matching all six numbers, while the second category requires them to indicate only 5+ the extra shot. The price starts at $25,000 while the chances to match only five numbers are 1 in 36,000. The next two categories award prizes of $750 for matching four numbers plus the extra shot, and a puny $30 for only four numbers. There are four more categories that help lottery players qualify for prizes, although the amounts are not even double digits. The overall chances of winning a prize in Illinois Lotto are roughly one in 32 and with so many weekly draws it is almost impossible not to win something eventually, if you play often enough.

What are the rules of Illinois Lotto

  The lottery conducts drawings three times a week, on Monday, Wednesday and Saturday at 9:20 PM CST with the winning numbers being published online and in local newspapers. Those who choose to watch the draws live will see that three ball sets are used for every draw and the machines that are responsible for selecting the winning numbers comply with the highest security standards. In the unlikely event that the Illinois Lotto drawing machine doesn't work, the event is scheduled for the Lucky Day Lotto drawing. The rules of the game couldn't be simpler and those who have played the Lotto anywhere in the United States, will find them to be almost identical. Players share the goal of matching all six numbers out of a total of 52 and the prizes they award depends on how many numbers they accurately predict. It makes no difference whether they chose to purchase the tickets online or from a local store because the odds of winning and the costs are the same. Those who are lucky enough to win any prize, should make sure to claim it no later than a year after the draw took place, otherwise the money will be forfeit.

Illinois Lotto Rules

  The Illinois Lotto costs $1 for two games. In order to start playing the Illinois Lotto six unique numbers need to be selected from the Play Slip. These numbers need to be within 1 to 52 and there is an option for automatic selection as well from Quick Pick. The draw takes place three times a week: Monday, Wednesday and Saturday at 9.22 pm. The numbers are also published in the local newspapers.

The Odds of Winning Illinois Lotto

  The chances of matching all 6 numbers for first prize are 1 in 20,358,520 for the $3.5 million jackpot. The second prize odds are 1 in 73,763, that is, 5 out of 6 numbers. The chances of 4 numbers matching out 6 for third prize are 1 in 1,311. The overall chances of winning the Illinois Lotto are 1 in 8.32.
Prize Tier Odds of Winning
Match 6 – Jackpot 1 in 20,358,520
Match 5 + Extra Shot 1 in 1,844,069
Match 5 1 in 73,763
Match 4 + Extra Shot 1 in 32,783
Match 3 + Extra Shot 1 in 1,676
Match 4 1 in 1,311
Match 2 + Extra Shot 1 in 208
Match 3 1 in 67
Match 1 + Extra Shot 1 in 62
Match 0 + Extra Shot 1 in 54
Match 2 1 in 8.32

Illinois Lotto Prize Breakdown

  There are 5 prize tiers in Illinois Lotto with prizes starting at $1 for matching just 2 numbers. But if a lottery player decided to include the Extra Shot, there is an additional prize tier which awards players $5 for matching just 1 number.
Prize Tier Base Prize
Match 6 – Jackpot Jackpot – Minimum $2 million, increases by $250,000 with every rollover
Match 5 + Extra Shot Pari-mutuel prize of approx. $50,000 (Match 5 prize x 25)
Match 5 Pari-mutuel prize of approx. $2,000
Match 4 + Extra Shot Pari-mutuel prize of approx. $1,250 (Match 4 prize x 25)
Match 3 + Extra Shot $125 fixed prize
Match 4 Pari-mutuel prize of approx. $50
Match 2 + Extra Shot $25 fixed prize
Match 3 $5 fixed prize
Match 1 + Extra Shot $10 fixed prize
Match 0 + Extra Shot $5 fixed prize
Match 2 $1 fixed prize