The Weirdest Ways of Choosing Lotto Numbers

The weirdest ways of choosing lotto numbers

If You Think Anniversaries Are Stupid, You’re in for a Laughing Shock!

Okay, wait, let me stop giggling for once so I can write this piece as clearly as I remember it! So you know I love playing the lottery and I know lots of people who play as frequently as they can. I don’t play the frequently, probably because I’m quite bad at choosing the right lotto numbers for winning jackpots, but this is just my problem. Other people don’t care what the result is, but they carry on choosing their lotto numbers in the weirdest ways imaginable! So last weekend I decided to spend a day (Sunday) with my lottery friend, mostly because that was the day she was going to pick her lotto numbers. And boy was I in for the shock of my life.

Choosing Lotto Numbers in the Weirdest Way Possible

She told me to enter her house at exactly 7:30am. She believes in numerology and horoscope and she thinks that everything is connected with time and numbers. According to her a bad move could ruin the whole day! So I asked her what other time I could come because 7:30am on a Sunday is just weird. She told me to come back after 11am. I thought that was pretty cool, so I landed on her doorstep at 11am and rang her doorbell. She was quite excited to see me, and so were I, but my jaw dropped when I stepped inside!

An Old Lady Showing Her Finger…

A telescope, numbers sheet, a big clock and a large calculator on her table! She said that it was all for her lottery ticket and that she was going to show me the magic behind picking the best lotto numbers! I was already excited and then she said something rather creepy, “can you please set the telescope near the window and watch my neighbor in the opposite house?” Wait what? Watch a neighbor? Why in the world would I want to do that? According to her, her next door neighbor – an old woman – was very lucky for her! LOL I thought… it would have been worth watching if it was a hot guy gyming or something…

I broke out of my thoughts and asked her what she wanted me to see and she said, “She’ll give you a sign, wait for it… keep your eyes on her.” I watched the old woman like a retarded pervert, waiting for a sign and then something shocking happened. She looked straight at me! Oh my god, I thought. That’s it, I’m done… then she showed me the finger. She held up three fingers in the air and walked away. Well… that’s it? My friend, who was impatiently waiting for the sign asked me, “well what number did she give?” oh I thought, yeah and I said three. I almost fainted. I asked her why she didn’t just walk to her house and ask her and my friend said it was easier… easy for her, I almost ran out of my breath.

Celebrity Stalking – The New Rule

So my friend above had other ways too to get the lucky number and on the list was celebrity stalking! Many people are inspired by celebrities and they tend to just do exactly as their celebrities do things. This friend of mine, long ago, had the habit of clicking on her favorite celebrity’s Twitter account just to check the time of the first post of the day! One time she asked me to check on the Late Robin Williams Twitter account to see the time of his first post and when I told her that there were none for the day, she literally had a panic attack! And now that Robin Williams is no more, I’m not sure how she’d cope up if she decided to go back to this weird strategy!

What’s Your Size… Baby?

This is definitely the weirdest way of getting your lucky lotto numbers! I know this guy from college who had a crush on a girl and he believed her to be extremely lucky. Why? Because whenever she talked, people smiled and enjoyed, when she walked in, people stated at her… according to him, she was an angel, but she didn’t know it yet. Of course, nobody else felt like that, it was his crush talking… LOL one evening he went up to her and publicly asked her, “what’s your size… baby?” and then he turned 360° from his place from the impact of her father’s hand on his tender cheek! Yeah, he forgot… she was his professor’s darling daughter. Lesson? Think before you spill 😀


When I was on a trip to the Middle East, I came across another person who constantly played peek-a-boo with his watch! According to him, whenever he felt happy without a reason, he’d check the time and write it down… those were his lucky lotto numbers! LOL I tried that, but somehow I never felt happy without a reason! Ha-ha!

My Life Today

Finally, there was this one guy who wrote down the time he woke up, the time he had breakfast, lunch and dinner and how much he spent that day and considered them his lucky numbers! When asked why he was so confident, he said, “The clock is running. Make the most of today. Time waits for no man. Yesterday is history. Tomorrow is a mystery. Today is a gift. That’s why it is called the present.” – Officially speechless.

So, how do you pick your lotto numbers? Do you know anyone who uses weird methods to choose their lotto numbers? If so let us know! Yep!