Popular lottery machines that are used worldwide

Lottery Machines

The types of lottery machines

There are two main reasons for why the lottery is so popular among players worldwide. One of them is the fact that with a minimum investment, players can hope to win millions and they don’t even require any previous experience or skill. The second reason is that the outcome of each draw is impossible to predict, and this is where the lottery machines come into play. There are different types in use all over the world, and all of them have staunch supporters and strong critics, so it’s worth analyzing the important ones.

Gravity pick lottery machines

These lottery machines have been around for quite a while and since they are used in popular games such as the Mega Millions or the Powerball, they are probably here to stay. A drum with rotating arms is the distinctive feature and the mechanism spins a specific number of balls, each of them bearing a number. These balls move freely inside until they drop on an inclined tray and they are one by one extracted in this manner. After they leave the recipient, the balls slowly move to the end of the tray and fall into place.

Mechanical lottery machines

These machines operate in a very similar way to the aforementioned ones, and they are just as popular as their gravity counterparts. One of the advantages is that those who are watching the draws live are experiencing the thrills as they can see how the mechanism works. Instead of an opaque recipient, a plastic bubble is used, so that those watching can see the balls spinning inside.

Air mix lottery machines

A recent invention, the air mix lottery machine is gaining a lot of traction around the world and many lotto games are using these contraptions. Powerful fans are used to blow the balls inside the plastic or glass container, so the audience can see them bumping into each other and the walls. A tube is connected to the container, and when the valve opens one of the balls get into this queue and slides along a trail. One by one numbers are extracted in this manner and they end up in a line, creating the winning combination.

Random number generators

With the popularity of lottery games on the rise, there is an increasingly high number of companies that operate these games over the Internet. Some of them resort to traditional lottery machines, but most are counting on random number generators to decide winners. A software is doing all the hard work in a very similar manner to other online casino games, but some of them are highly controversial. It will take a while until lottery players will trust them completely, and quite often those who lose tend to blame the random number generator and accuse the operators of rigging the games.

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