Playing the Mega Sena Lottery

Mega Sena lottery

The Mega Sena Lottery is the most popular lottery game in Brazil. The Caixa Econômica Federal bank is in charge of the Mega Sena operations. The drawing for the Mega Sena lottery takes place every Wednesday and Saturday. The winning numbers are selected by picking balls from two revolving spheres.

The Mega Sena lottery has a unique way of drawing the winning numbers. The Mega Sena winning numbers are picked in pairs and they form a two-digit number that ranges from the number 01 to 60. The first spiraling ball has numbers ranging from 0 to 05 while the second spherical cage has numbers ranging from 01 to 09.

In the case that a spherical ball comes up with the digits 00, the digits six and zero replaces that selection. The draw is concluded with the drawing of six two-digit numbers. The chances of a mega Sena lottery ticket matching all the drawn numbers stands at 1 in 50,063,860.

Mega Sena players have the option of playing the lucky dip (Surpresinha) or for an extra amount have the numbers they choose drawn in the second, fourth or Eighth Mega Sena Draw. Approximately 46 Percent of the Mega Sena revenue covers the winners. The rest of the amount is distributed among the different welfare programs in Brazil.

Players around the world can participate in the Mega Sena Lottery. Players can purchase the tickets to the mega Sena from the various accredited Mega Sena Lottery agents. The mega Sena jackpot prize usually ranges from $8 – $10 Million dollars, therefore it is worth your time and money playing.

Mega Sena prize winners have a 90-day period to collect their winnings. Uncollected winning go back to the national treasury and later invested in social initiatives. Now that you have known about the great Brazilian lottery, test your luck and play the Mega Sena lottery online.

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