New York Lays Plans for Online Lottery

Online lottery

For long US regulatory authorities made it illegal for lottery companies to offer online lottery games. Nevertheless, with the current advancement in technology, lottery companies have realized that it is an inevitable fact that online lottery will with time become the favorite way of playing lottery games.

It is hardly a month ever since the Illinois lottery rolled out an online platform for its lottery games. The trend is catching up with the rest of the states and New York is showing some interest in offering online lottery to its players. The state is looking for further guidelines on the steps it will take in establishing an online platform for the lottery games.

The recent progress was hastened by the nod from the US Justice Department that confirmed that there was no federal law against playing lottery online. This gave a green light to the New York lottery to offer lottery over the Internet to adults within their jurisdiction.

Gordon Medenica, a New York lottery official, said that the lottery world was looking forward to the ruling, but he was unsure of when exactly will the online lottery games for the US citizens rolled out. However, the New York lottery is in discussions with the different stakeholders to make the dream of online lottery for New York lottery players a reality.

The ruling allowed that lottery games to be played online, but playing of casino games such as casino is still illegal. The New York lottery already has the blueprint for the technical part of the online lottery. GTech will be in charge of coming up with the lottery software for the online games.

The New York lottery wants to achieve the critical balance of allowing lottery players play lottery online conveniently, while at the same time avoid running lottery vendors in the state out of business.

While we wait for the New York residents to start playing lottery online, players in the other part of the work can participate through playing New York Lottery online at

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