Mini Lotteries

Mini lotteries

The reason why the team decided to write this article is because a lot of people do not know the amounts of money that you can win if you match 2,3,4 numbers. Therefore the chances of winning lottery prizes are bigger and some people will enjoy winning up to $100,000.This is not a far cry to win millions in the jackpot.

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The amounts you win at the following lotteries by matching 2 or 3 or 4 numbers is as follows:

Mini Lotteries:


The EuroMillions is a very popular game that is played by many. The jackpot prize is a staggering amount that depends not only on the sales made, but also in case of no winner in a particular draw, that amount is rolled over to the next draw. You cannot always win the jackpot; the odds of winning the smaller lotteries are more.

In case you match 3 numbers with 2 star numbers, you win $126. When all 3 numbers and one star numbers matches the draw, you win an amount of $40. When just 3 numbers are matched, you win $15 and for 1 number and 2 stars it’s a little more, $22.

El Gordo

The El Gordo is a lottery game well sought by many. The jackpot is not easy to win and requires perseverance and a lot of patience. However, the smaller lottery jackpots are easier to win. Generally, all 5 plus 1 Bonus number ensures the jackpot.

If you match 4 numbers, you win around $264. But for 3 numbers and a bonus number you can win around $31. If you can match just the 3 numbers, you get $24. Similarly, if you can match 2 numbers plus one bonus number you can win $8. Just matching 2 numbers will get you $5.

France Lotto

The chances of winning this very popular game of France Lotto are quite slim. The jackpot requires you to match all 5 and the lucky number. Although, winning the smaller lotteries are much easier. If the player can match 4 numbers, he can win around $678.

The player that matches just 3 numbers can win around $9. There is also prize money for players who can match 2 numbers; this amounts to $6. For those who can match just the lucky number can win about $3. The odds of winning these mini lotteries are significantly higher.


The Mega-Sena is a hugely popular lottery game that has numerous participants vying for the ultimate jackpot money. The amount that is promised to the winner who matches all six numbers is around $9,666,607. The secondary prizes offered are not that much. Unlike the other games, here only two prizes are offered as part of the mini lottery.

If you can match 5 numbers out of 6, you can win around $9,677. For those who can match 4 numbers out of 6, they can win for themselves around $188. It is a difficult game to play, but the prizes offered are very promising.

Oz Lotto

The Oz Lotto is a well loved and popular lottery game that promises a great jackpot. Everyone cannot win the jackpot, that is, 6 numbers and 2 bonus numbers. The odds of winning the smaller prizes are greater and the chances are higher.

The players who match 5 numbers with 1 bonus number can win about $389. The ones who can match 5 numbers only win around $52. There will be players who can match 4 numbers that will amount to $ 26 and for those who can match 3 numbers and one bonus get about $17.

Oz PowerBall

The Oz PowerBall promises a great jackpot, which is why a lot of people love playing this game. Unfortunately, the jackpot odds of winning are very low since a lot of people vie for it. The chances of winning the smaller lotteries are higher.

If the player can correctly guess 4 numbers, plus the PowerBall number, then he has a chance of winning $5,745. For those guessing 3 and one PowerBall number win around $110. Just 4 numbers will get the player $66 and 2 numbers, plus the PowerBall number wins you $24. For just 3 numbers you can win $15.


The SuperEnaLotto has a staggering jackpot that everyone would love to win. The only problem is that winning it is very difficult as match all 6 numbers and the bonus number is a difficult feat. However, there are the mini lotteries that can be won. If you guess all 5 numbers, you win around $21,900.

For those who can guess all 4 numbers can win $290. The players who can match the 3 numbers can win $18. These are also quite promising and easier to win than the jackpot. It is practical to invest in the smaller lotteries along with the larger prize.

SuperLotto Plus

The SuperLotto Plus is a very popular and entertaining lottery game. The jackpot is a very difficult amount to win as the odds of matching all 5 numbers plus the Mega number is slim. But the smaller prizes can be won. If the player can guess 4 numbers and the mega number, he wins around $1,045.

For those who guess 4 numbers can win $93. The players who match 3 numbers and the Mega number win around $68. The ones who match only the 3 numbers and the ones who match 2 numbers and one mega number can win $11.

UK Lottery

The UK Lottery is a popularly sought lottery game. Most people enjoy trying to win the jackpot (that is all 6 numbers, plus the bonus number), however, not much success is gained from that by all. The secondary and smaller prizes have greater chances of winning. If the player can match 5 numbers and the bonus can win about $524,910.

Those who can guess all 5 numbers without the bonus can win $3,104. The players who rightly guess 4 numbers win about $135. If the player can guess just 3 numbers, they win for themselves $16 and about.

Mega Millions

The Mega Millions Lotto is a very good-liked lottery game that various players participate in. The jackpot is very tempting, but the odds of winning that is quite difficult. However, for those who can’t win the jackpot can still win the smaller lotteries. If you can guess 4 numbers you can win around $ 150.

The players who match 3 numbers and 1 mega number can win around $150. If you match just 3 numbers, you can win around $10 and for 2 numbers you can win $7. These odds are better than the jackpot’s and more practical.

US PowerBall

The US PowerBall is a game that many love to play and there are participants in great numbers. The jackpot is tempting, but difficult to win. But the odds of winning the smaller jackpots and prizes are better. The players who can match 4 numbers can win $100. Those who guess 3 numbers and the Powerball number win $100 too. Those who can match 3 numbers or 2 numbers and 1 Powerball number can win $7. The chances of winning these mini lotteries are far greater and hence it is pragmatic to also invest in the smaller games as well as the large ones.

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