Lottery RemindMe – The Perfect App for Lottery Fans

Lottery RemindMe application

iPhone users with a genuine passion for lottery games rejoice, as Lottery RemindMe has arrived to enhance your gaming experience and it is here to stay. This is the season to be jolly and if you are among those lucky few who scoop a massive payout in Mega Millions, Powerball or any other Big and global lottery, these winter holidays will be truly memorable.

If you are wondering what Lottery RemindMe can do for you, know that this fantastic app for iPhones is going to keep you up to date with everything relevant happening in the world of lottery jackpots. Free and easy to use, this cool lottery app allows you to keep track of the size and current progression of the biggest lottery jackpots you are interested in. Lottery RemindMe notifies you if the jackpot has hit the level you were waiting for, only once, one day before the drawing and no later than 7:00 pm anywhere in the world.

Lottery RemindMe is Always One Click Away

iPhone users are big fans of simplicity and functionality; two of the core qualities of Lottery RemindMe. Visit the iPhone app store and download the app in a matter of seconds since the application is only 3.4 MBs. Once the Lottery RemindMe app is installed on your Apple smartphone, you can choose your lotteries with ease, so that you will be notified about only big jackpots that interest you.

Whether you are passionate about American lotteries and want to be kept in the loop with the size of the jackpots offered by the USA PowerBall and Mega Millions or you focus on European lotteries such as the Spanish El Gordo or EuroMillions, Lottery RemindMe will introduce a whole new world you haven’t seen before about the lottery.

Push Lottery Gaming into Overdrive

Lottery RemindMe is using the latest technology, and it would be a waste not to extract the most from it. Luckily, this app is more than a reminder for lottery jackpot as it presents players with the opportunity of buying a real lottery ticket through their iPhone with few sweeps. Imagine that, you can buy the USA Mega Millions tickets with a jackpot of $500M while you are in Spain, India, Romania, Russia, Australia or wherever in the world, using the same smartphone that serves as a recipient for the notifications, so it is only fair to say that Lottery RemindMe goes full circle.

Toll-free and Fun

Lottery RemindMe takes great pride in being a free lottery app that is easy to use, reliable and exciting. As long as you have an iPhone, iPad or iPod touch using iOS 6.0 or newer you should jump on the bandwagon right away, because this is a must-have lottery app – soon to Nokia and Android users as well!

Lottery fans will truly enjoy this cool app and use Lottery RemindMe to know for sure when the jackpots hit new records. Be among the first to buy tickets for truly mega jackpots and never miss out on a rare chance of becoming a big millionaire.

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