Is It Possible To Cheat The Lottery? Here’s What You Need to Know If Want to Be a Millionaire!

Is it possible to cheat the lottery?

You wish! But some say it’s possible and they get away with it too! If it was possible for anyone to try to cheat the lottery and get away with it, we would all be millionaires by now. But tell me one person who doesn’t want to know how to win a hundred million dollars without any hard-work? We all do, we all try to find the easiest way to win; it’s the lottery! Coming to whether it is possible to cheat the lottery or not, well unfortunately, it’s not. You’ve got to be a repeated law-offender or a super class hacker to be able to get into the lotto systems! Now would you rather be a fugitive of the law? I don’t and you don’t either! Or do you?

If you do, then good luck and may God have mercy on your soul! Learning how to cheat the lottery can be extremely time consuming, you would rather just learn to play the lottery instead. Either way, the whole point of playing the lottery is to win and, my favorite part, be rich beyond your dreams! People love playing the lottery; it’s next to doing nothing to earn massive amounts of money to solve their financial troubles and enjoy life to the fullest. If you just think for a moment what you would do if you won a million dollars, your brain goes on hyper drive and you have to slap yourself back to reality or you need someone to put the brakes on! Everyone wants to enjoy the freedom they get with money, but sadly not everyone can get a piece of the money-dripping lottery cake.

Winning a lottery is just too incredible, too impossible, a far, far away dream and there’s no way out of the rat-race. When it comes to lotteries, I have heard a lot of people saying, “It’s all about luck,” it’s not all about luck, it’s got something to do with math and statistics too. Now I’m not telling you how to cheat the lottery, because that would be illegal and I’d rather save my face, but I’ll tell you what I already know. It isn’t cheating, mind you, it’s educating yourself to play better, to increase your odds and to, well, possibly win!

Legal Way to Cheat the Lottery

There are different kinds of people, those obsessed with certain numbers and those who pick numbers out of the blue. Those who are obsessed will usually pick numbers in a certain order (birthdays, important dates, lucky numbers, etc.), because for them lottery is a game of luck. They suffer from OCLD (obsessive compulsive lottery disorder, and I made that up!), while those who shoot in the dark, they just shoot in the dark; without knowing where the bull’s eye really is. Neither of them are playing it right, but they still win, which I’m not sure why, but they do.

Anyways… if you also start picking your numbers based on lucky numbers and important dates, you’re just shooting in the dark; just like everyone else. You know the odds of winning the lottery, its high; it’s like pinning an ant, blindfolded in a football stadium. Crazy but true. So in the end, it doesn’t really matter what your numbers are, if you’re not testing yourself scientifically, you, like everyone else, are just passing on the parcel. You must learn about the laws of probability and chance, because whether you like it or not, they exist. Lotto isn’t a game of chance, luck or fortune, its pure statistics, probability and math. For example the chances of winning the UK lotto is approximately 1:14 million, which means that if you spend 14 million pounds to purchase all the possible number combinations, you will definitely secure a lottery jackpot for yourself!

But to think of it, if you have 14 million pounds, why would you depend on a lottery jackpot? Sensibly speaking, there is a legal way to cheat the lottery and that is by using math, statistics and the laws of probability. By using them you can increase your odds of winning by reducing the numbers of odds from 1:14 million to half a million simply by selecting an extra number at the cost of less than 30 pounds! Instead of picking your lucky numbers and just aiming in the air, use the power of math, statistics and probabilities to increase your chances of winning the lottery rather than using illegal methods to cheat the lottery.

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