IntelliPlay System


Who does not want to get his hands on that big lottery jackpot? It is a dream of almost everyone to win a huge lottery jackpot. But we all know that it is not easy to win the jackpot since many others will be after that same thing.

That is why one needs to be smart while playing lotteries to increase their chances of winning the prize. We have a perfect solution for you in our IntelliPlay system.

IntelliPlay allows you to play a lottery jackpot whenever it reaches a certain limit or if it rolls over a certain number of times. But when and how you want to play will be decided by you. The machine will only play on behalf of you.

Once you set the parameters, the system will play lotteries automatically according to the parameters set by you. Therefore, there should be no doubt of any foul play. Because the system will only follow what you ask it to do.

All a player has to do is give the system his or her inputs and the system will play on your behalf automatically according to those inputs. For instance, if you set a parameter with IntelliPlay that whenever the Powerball jackpot reaches X amount you want to play.

IntelliPlay will follow that in both letter and spirit and will buy a ticket on your behalf whenever the Powerball jackpot reaches that amount. Parameters can also be set in terms of the number of rollovers after which you want to play.

Using the IntelliPlay is also extremely easy. Even a child is capable of operating the IntelliPlay. All you have to do is give your input to the system and forget about it. The system will take care of the rest. It doesn’t only increase your chances of winning; it also ensures your participation in the draws that matters to you the most.

Even if you forget to buy your tickets otherwise, IntelliPlay will ensure your participation in the draw. With IntelliPlay it becomes a lot easier to play the lotteries you like to play and the draws you particularly want to participate in.

So in order to ensure your participation in your favorite lottery draws, make use of IntelliPlay right now. Log on to and register with IntelliPLay to get started right away.

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