How Random Are Quick Picks? Let’s see…

Quick Picks

Lottery players are naturally inclined to choose their own numbers when playing the lottery and the vast majority would not even listen to those suggesting the Quick Pick. The reason for why they are reluctant to make the transition is that they can almost envision the situation in which their favorite numbers are extracted from the plastic bubble. Arguments such as convenience and a sped up process fall on deaf ears and some are even wondering how much truth is there behind the Quick Pick randomness.

How does the Quick Pick work?

The popularity of Quick Picks is on the rise among young people and new lottery players who value convenience over anything else. The most curious ones inquire how the system actually works and they would be happy to hear that it is both straightforward and fair. It is all performed by a software which is adjusted based on the specific rules of each lottery, so that the numbers it comes up with will always be in accord with the pool of numbers extracted during a drawing.

The lottery computers and machines available in convenience stores and other retailers affiliated with the lottery are using a complex cryptographic library. Its purpose is to insure the randomization and some of the apps are so advanced as to allow lottery players to make the most of the Quick Picks. By making use of the interactive, user friendly selector, players can chose their numbers or be provided right away with a random set, ready to be used in the upcoming drawing.

Quick Picks vs Lottery system

While it is fairly obvious that it is impossible to convince lottery players who use their own numbers to shift to the Quick Pick, there might a chance to persuade the fans of lottery systems. Basically, they are trying to beat the odds by finding a way around the utter randomness of the game, but this is a folly. The use of cold, hot and due numbers has been proven wrong over the course of time, not to mention that it takes a lot of time to engineer such systems, which is something that not all lottery players have in excess.

The advantage of using the Quick Pick is that by being completely random, you don’t need to do anything more than pressing a button or two. It is equally wrong to combine a system with online apps that allegedly work as Quick Picks, because quite simply it defeats the purpose. The software will deliver a set of random numbers each time it is asked to execute and it doesn’t factor in results from previous drawings.

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