Great Tips to Help You Win the Lottery

Tips to win the lottery

If peoples’ wishes were to be listed, you can bet that winning the lottery will definitely not miss a spot at least in the top ten. Hitting the jackpot is something that every lottery prays for when filling up that lottery voucher.

In a lottery as it is said every player has an equal chance of becoming a winner. Although this appears logical, but through learning the various tips on winning the lottery you will discover this to be a fallacy widely believed by many.

Tip #1: Play the Lottery in Groups

This is a great way of increasing your chances of winning a lottery. Through pooling together money with friends or family members you increase your probability of becoming a jackpot winner. Some may shy away from this due to the splitting of the lottery cash, but let’s face it its better having a share of a twenty million dollar jackpot than being a plain loser.

Tip #2: Do Not Play Birthday Date

Many lottery players usually play birthday dates or spouses or children. Although admirable, this does not increase your chances of hitting the jackpot.  Most play the numbers 1 to 31 as therefore if they actually win; the payout is actually less compared to those who do not play the numbers.

Tips #3: Play games that have better odds of winning

Choose lotteries, play those that have more chances of winning. A lottery with a larger payout has comparable lower chances of winning therefore you should not put your hopes high when playing this sort of lottery.

Tip #4: Play Small

While playing a lottery it is wise to start on small amount and slowly climb your way to larger amounts. Through this, it is less likely for you to become discouraged during your first instance of loosing.

Tip #5: Play Regularly and Frequently

In lottery playing you increase your chances of winning by playing more frequently. Do not get your spirit low when you lose as you never know about tomorrow.

Tips #6: Play the numbers with Proven Percentages

This means that you should play the number combination have a higher frequency of being drawn. Research on the history of the lottery you are playing for you to know this.

Tip #7: Select smart number combinations

There are some number patterns that will increase your chances of winning or loosing. Patterns such as 1, 2,3,4,5 are examples to avoid.

Tip #8: Do not select numbers based on a particular pattern

Many lottery players select their numbers through a pattern/shape. It is not advisable to do so as in case you actually win, the prize is shared among very many people.

Tip #9: Avoid playing all lottery numbers under 31

It is a smart lottery move to not having all your lottery numbers to be under 31.This is because by playing this you will actually have less payout.

Tip #10: Do not choose recently winning numbers

Most lottery players play the numbers that have recently won. Although it appears smart, it decreases your chances of winning as in case of a payout, the prize is split among the many players.

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