A basic lottery mathematics

How basic lottery mathematics can improve the lottery odds

Players, using lottery mathematics instead of following their superstitions, have much better chance of winning the jackpot.

Winning the lottery is not something that can be predicted, but there are players who think that they can tamper with the odds. Some resort exclusively to lucky numbers or patterns and lets superstitions influence the way in which they play the lottery. Others use basic lottery mathematics to enhance their odds of winning sweepstakes and regular draws, with the wheeling systems being among the most popular ones.

It would be an understatement to say that buying more tickets increases your chances to win, but it is worth saying that a wheeling system can further boost the odds. There is no need to employ advanced mathematics, because basic one will do just fine in this case. Players are expected to choose more numbers and combine them in all possible ways, so that when some of these numbers are extracted they are guaranteed to win on one or more tickets.

A wheel can be more or less expensive depending on how many extra numbers you choose, so the math of lottery needs to be adjusted to your budget. The idea is to make the most of the numbers you choose and this implies the creation of a mixture that doesn’t overlook any combination. As the price goes up so do your chances to win, but players are advised to keep a healthy ratio between the additional numbers they add to the wheel and their finances.

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Lottery syndicates and lottery mathematics go hand in hand

One of the most important things about using basic mathematics in lottery games is that you improve the odds of winning in a logical manner. There are no bogus theories and no silly superstitions, but rock-solid algorithms that improve your chances to win. The odds of winning the main prize in a standard 6/49 lotto are decreased from one in 14 million to roughly 1 in 500,000 by simply adding another number into the wheel. It gets even better if you consider lower prizes and the figures improve even more when new numbers are added to the wheel.

Since a complete wheel can become very expensive, very few lottery players can afford to pay for it out of pocket and they need to find strength in numbers. Lottery syndicates bring together people who fancy this kind of analytical approach to winning the lottery and they have the merit of keeping the individual costs low. The best way to offset the additional costs caused by adding more numbers to a wheel is to split the expenses between more players and this is exactly what a syndicate does. The use of basic mathematics is not only practical for those who are aiming to win the jackpots, but can deliver excellent results for low tier prizes.

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