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Serbia Loto Results

Serbia Loto Review

Serbia Loto Review

The State Lottery of Serbia, which is mandated to operate Loto within the Republic of Serbia has a vision to offer its players attractive, modern, and varied games of chance. It is owned by the Government and organized into some sort of a state-owned company. Ranked according to the amount of prizes, the size of the market, and the number of players, this lottery is the leading organizer of games of chance in the entire Western Balkans region. It is also a member of the European lottery community.

Among the many games in the portfolio of the State Lottery of Serbia is the Loto. This is arguably the most popular game and can best be described as a numerical game of chance. It is intended for everyone except minors and it is famous for its large jackpots.

The type of Loto game is Loto 7/39 which simply means that as a player, you choose your 7-number combination from a range of numbers between 1 and 39. It is with this combination that you participate in the draw. For one Loto combination which is equivalent to a single entry, you will be charged 60 Dinars. The seller will issue you with a payment receipt which you should keep safe because you can only collect your prize if you produce this receipt. In the event you play online, you can view your payment confirmation in the game history tab.

Payments for the Loto game can be made any time except during the window when the draw is due.

How to Play Serbia Loto

Playing Serbia Loto is pretty simple. You select 7 numbers from each playslip and there is an option of playing Loto+ and Joker. If you want to play these extras, simply mark Yes on the Loto+ and on the Joker game select your 6-digit Joker number.

You can either play through a standard selection of numbers or through the Quick Pick option. Serbia Loto allows you to play up to 10 combinations through a single payment confirmation. If you want to play all the combinations through the Quick Pick option where your numbers are randomly generated, simply check the Quick Pick field.

It’s important to note that you cannot play Loto+ on its own without taking part in the main Loto game. For instance, if you want to play Loto+ game and you have 3 Loto combinations, you have to play for all of them.

Serbia Loto Rules

There are several ways through which you can submit your entries into the draw. Some of them include:

  • Classic – If you have lucky numbers, but at times you feel like not playing them or you want to try out new numbers, playing Loto in the classic way is recommended. You choose your combinations and submit your payment at any of the pay points in Serbia or over the internet.
  • Quick Pick – If you don’t believe in lucky numbers or you find it difficult to choose your numbers, you can go for the Quick Pick option. This allows the computer terminal to do the selection of the numbers for you. Simply tell the seller of your intention to play through Quick Pick and the number of combinations you want.
  • Pretplata – If you have some lucky numbers that you firmly trust, but you do not have time to always walk into a paid site or a web portal, you can do subscriptions and that is what pretplata is all about. You can pay for your bids up to 8 rounds well in advance.
  • System – If you decide to play the system, you make a selection of more than 7 numbers. This increases your combinations and chances of winning. If you select 8 numbers, you technically have 8 different combinations or alternatively 8 times more chances to win. Where you select 9 numbers, your combinations go up to 36 and with 10 numbers, they go up to 120. The maximum numbers you can select is 17 and this means you will have as many as 19448 different combinations.


This was introduced in 2011. In short, Loto+ gives you another chance to win. For you to participate in Loto+ which is an added feature on Loto, you have to mark the Yes option on the Loto slot. In addition to the 60 Dinars that you pay per combination, when you choose the Loto+ feature, you pay an additional 10 Dinars.


This game was introduced much earlier than the Loto+ in November 2009. Just like Loto+, it enhances your chances of winning and you can participate in it if you play at least 1 Loto combination. The Joker is a unique 6-digit number or several combinations of numbers ranging from 0 to 9. The price of a Joker number is 20 Dinars and you can choose through Quick Pick or the Manual option.

You can play the Joker in several ways, including filling out different auxiliary Loto bills at your chosen pay site, tell the seller the numbers for Loto combinations as well as your Joker numbers or -play through the DLS internet portal.

Play Favorite Combination and Last Played Option

If you play through the internet, there is a play favorite combination. This simply means you have saved, favorite number combinations for your Loto game. This means you won't have to trouble yourself choosing numbers, you can simply go to the Loto page and check the box which says play favorite combination and choose among your saved combination the one you want to play.

There is also the last played option which simply tells the system to repeat the last combination that you played on Loto.

You can play the Loto game any time of day or night 7 days a week except on the day of the draw. Serbia Loto receives payment for Loto entries up to 18 hours to the draw. The payment for the next draw opens the following day at 5 o’clock in the morning.

Serbia Loto Prize Breakdown

Every Tuesday and Friday as from 20.05 p.m., the draw is conducted live on RTS 1. In each round of the draw, 7 numbers are picked from the Loto drum from a pool of 1 to 39 numbers. The winning numbers are then sorted out in an increasing order. Together with the Loto 7/39 numbers, the draw also extracts numbers for additional games which are the Loto+ and Joker.

To enhance transparency and regularity, the numbers are drawn in the presence of the commission of public TV drawings which comprise 3 members. Two members are appointed by the State Lottery of Serbia and the third member is appointed by the tax administration authority in the presence of the Ministry of Finance.

Results for the draw can be viewed on the State of Serbia internet portal, daily newspapers, and on the YouTube channel. You can also confirm your winnings by providing the seller with your ticket or payment receipt and he will check if it is a winner.

If you find out that you are a winner, you should collect your winnings within the legal deadline of payment which is 60 days from the day the results were published. If your winnings are greater than the tax base, you will be required to provide your ID card as well as your account number to designated banks in Serbia for you to collect your profits. If you play Serbia Loto online, your winnings will be transferred to the DLS internet portal account. From here, you can choose to withdraw the funds or use them for future plays.

Based on the income tax law in Serbia, the taxable profit is determined each year. If the profit you have won is taxable, you will be provided with a statement where your details of winning and tax deductions are reflected. When you receive your winnings, they will be net of obligations either to the State Lottery of Serbia or to the state.

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