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Loteria Nacional Results

Loteria Nacional Review

Loteria Nacional Review

Loteria Nacional is a draw game held every Thursday and Saturday which means you have two chances in a week to win prizes. Playing this game is simple and this partially explains why it has attracted lots of players. After all, that is what a lotto game should be; simple and to the point. Playing Loteria Nacional is a lot of fun and they have responsible gaming guidelines so that people do not get addicted and wage much more than they can financially afford.

How to Play Loteria Nacional

Just like any other draw game, Loteria Nacional has a structured way in which to play. The beauty with it is that the procedures are clear and you can easily follow through.

The first step is to decide the date of the draw in which you want to participate. Once you have settled on this, head to the official Loteria Nacional website so that you can search for a point of sale. You can search by address, province, name, or delegation. This will allow you to participate through a retail location that is closer to where you are for convenience.

Once you get to the retailer, you will have to select your lucky number which consists of 5 figures. You can either choose the numbers manually in which case you mark the numbers and give them over to the retailer. You can also choose your numbers through the computer terminal.

The terminal usually generates numbers in a haphazard manner and many see this as an opportunity to spread their risks. Whatever the case, there is no single method that gives you a higher chance of winning compared to the other.

You also have to decide on the number of tenths to buy. The tenths will have different values depending on the draw you are participating in. Each play will cost you anything from 3 Euros. There is the option of playing Loteria Nacional online. You do this by opening an account on SELAE and populate your data. Before you can buy your ticket, you have to deposit money into the online account and you can do so through Mastercard, VISA, Traspaso Rapido, and other ways.

The good thing with playing Loteria Nacional online is that your number selections can be easily retrieved on the platform and you don’t have to worry about defaced or lost tickets. Your winnings will also be credited on the same platform. Inasmuch as you can select specific numbers online, there is a limit in the sense that the number selected must be available for sale by escrow. In case it is not, then you can only purchase it as a traditional tenth in a lottery administration.

Selection of Random and Manual Numbers

When choosing your lottery numbers, you can pick some of them manually and others through the system as explained above. There are various combinations you can use to attain this.

The first combination is to leave all of them for random selection. Here, you mark all the 5 figures with asterisks.

The second combination is to choose only the last digit manually and the first 4 through random selection.

The third strategy you can use is to choose the last two figures manually and the first three through the system.

The fourth way is to choose the last three numbers manually and the first two randomly.

You can also decide to choose the first digit or the first two numbers manually and the rest through the system.

There are several other combinations including choosing all numbers manually, the first two and the last manually, and so forth.

Features of Loteria Nacional

Apart from the combinations, there are three features you may choose to match your number. These features are listed below:

Capicua number – In this feature, you choose a number which, when reversed remains the same. For instance, 16461.

Figure without repeated numbers – Here, you choose a 5-figure number that doesn’t repeat the digits. For instance, you can choose 57652.

The figure should comprise a number whose hundred-place value is different from zero. This means the number is not broken.

Each shelter should contain on the minimum 1 fraction which is referred to as a tenth and on the maximum, ten fractions (tenth) of the same series. When you select your tenths, you have to decide whether you want to reserve them for future playing before checking out.

Loteria Nacional allows you to play the same numbers for subsequent draws. It is up to you to decide on how to go about this. After you are done with every other process, you can now buy your tenths. The interesting thing about this game is that the amount of the tenths varies. On Thursday draws, the amount charged per tenth is 3 Euros while on Saturday it is 6 Euros. There are extraordinary cases where you will be charged 12,15, or even 20 Euros. For online purchases, the amount will just be deducted from your online balance.

Loteria Nacional distributes 70% of the amount collected through ticket purchases as prizes.

Loteria Nacional Prize Breakdown

As pointed at the beginning, the draws for Loteria Nacional are held on Thursdays and Saturdays. For the Thursday drawing, it is usually held at 2100 hrs. the one on Saturday is held between 1300 and 1400 hours. All of them are done before the public for transparency purposes.

The draw usually consists of the drawing machine that pops out the balls in a random way. There is a backup machine just in case the other one fails. To win the jackpot, you have to match all the 5 numbers as drawn. You have three months from the date of the draw to collect your prizes.

Remember to collect your prize, you need your personal identification documents in addition to the ticket you are given when you selected your numbers. The ticket must be duly signed. This is because the ticket is a bearer document and whoever has it can claim the prize.

As part of the responsible game framework, people who are less than 18 years of age are not allowed to participate. There is training provided to the employees and sales agents on responsible gambling so that they can advise their clients.

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