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Latvia Lottery Results

Latvia Lottery Review

The Latvia Lottery – A Brief Dig into The Past


Before we move forward with the brief, let me tell you that the most popular games in the Latvia Lottery is definitely the Viking Lottery, which was introduced to avid lottery players in February of 2011. Then the next best game is the EuroJackpot, which was introduced by the Latvia Lottery on the 25th of January 2013. Apart from these two games are others like LatLoto which will be discussed later here. Coming to the brief, the Latvia Lottery began its operations on the 10th of January 1993, as the first draw of the Latloto 5/35 was held, marking it the Latvian Lottery’s national birthday.

Nevertheless the Latvia Lottery’s history can be recorded back to 1972, at the time when it was founded by the then Sojuzsportloto Republican Administration. During that time, the most popular lottery game offered by the Latvia Lottery was the Sportloto as well as Sprints. It was in February of 2010 when the Latvia Lottery celebrated its 38th anniversary! The Latvia lottery has a truckload of experience when it comes to the game of lotteries and it has provided invaluable support to the capital for the development of its economy and security systems. It was in 1995 that the Latvia Lottery became an international professional organization of lotteries and a member of the European section of the European Lottery.

Latvia Lottery’s Exciting Range of Games


When it comes to Latloto 5/35, it was the first online lottery game provided by the Latvia Lottery. Then in 1997, it was supplemented with a bonus game known as the Joker, which enabled players to win up to €71,144. Then in February 2008 Joker winnings doubled and reached a whopping €142,287! It was in the year 2000, June 1st that the Latvia Lottery introduced online lottery to its players. Then in January of the following year, the Latvia Lottery introduced an online lottery game called KENO. In February of 2002 the game SuperBingo (TV bingo with a TV raffle) was introduced.

The Latvia Lottery didn’t stop there! It continued to work on new lottery developments and improved the quality of existing ones. KENO stands out as one of the largest organized lotteries provided by the Latvia Lottery and it is drawn three times a week. A lucky winner can win up to €341,489 from the KENO alone! Then on the 21st of February 2005 the lottery game of Latloto 5/35 was introduced which provided players with a great opportunity to win large prizes.

Then on the 17th February of 2011, the Latvia Lottery launched the Viking Lotto, which was already introduced back in 1993 in Europe. It was in June 2012 when the Latvia Lottery won the European Lotteries Responsible Gaming certificate and with this, it introduced the international lottery called the EuroJackpot in 2013. The EuroJackpot is popular in Czech Republic, Denmark, Croatia, Estonia, Iceland, Italy, Latvia, Lithuania, Dutch, Norwegia, Finland Slovenia, Spain, Hungary, Germany and Sweden. Lucky players can win up between €10 million and €90 million!

Latvia Lottery – The Cream of the Cake!


Here’s what I read on their website, and I quote,

"We give people the opportunity to first-class games in a socially responsible manner, and our lottery - everybody wins some, but all - a pleasant entertainment and knowledge that helps to finance projects that are important to all of us to Latvian."

For Latvia Lottery all that matters is that the games are secure, they’re of quality, the staff is educated, the players are socially responsible and finally they the Latvia Lottery continues to work with innovation and technology! What more can I say? Next time you go to Latvia, don’t forget to try your lucky numbers!

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