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Israel New Lotto Results

Israel New Lotto Review

Israel New Lotto

The Israel New Lotto isn't the only thing new on the block. A new way to buy Israel New Lotto tickets to try to hit the jackpot has recently emerged. You can now buy Israel New Lotto tickets online (how's that for new?). It is quite simple to buy Israel New Lotto tickets and people are flocking online to get their lottery cards as we speak. Drawings for the Israel New Lotto take place every Tuesday and Saturday at 22.55 and you can get in on the action no matter where you live.

Israel New Lotto Rules

LotteryPros.com is the place to buy your Israel New Lotto tickets online. It is here that you can pick six numbers between 1-37 and another number between 1 (one) and 7 (seven) numbers later, if yours matches the draw, you're the next new big winner! Find out the odds of winning Israel New Lotto now.

Israel New Lotto Payment Options

Pay for your Israel New Lotto tickets using Visa, MasterCard, AmEx, JCB, Maestro, or by cheque. You can also transfer money from your bank or through Moneybookers. Other options such as GiroPay and Diner's Club - amongst others - can be used as well.

Israel New Lotto Biggest Jackpot


At 16 million NIS as the biggest Israel New Lotto jackpot to date, the Israel New Lotto looks to make you the next new millionaire. Please don't forget to check Israel New Lotto latest results. 

Answer the call and get your new lotto ticket today!

Israel New Lotto Rules

The player must draw 6 numbers out of a pool of numbers from 1 to 37 plus a 7th number which is drawn from a 2nd pool of numbers 1 to 8. The Israel lottery draw is held every week on Tuesday and Saturday at 11:00pm. This extra number is called the “Chazak” Number which means the Strong Number In case you match all 6 main numbers drawn plus the Chazak Number, the jackpot is won.

The Odds of Winning Israel New Lotto

The chance of all six numbers and the extra Chazak number to match is 1:18598272. These are pretty steep odds and hence, one should concentrate on the secondary prizes. The second prize odds are (6 out of 6 numbers without the extra number) 1:2656896. The third prize odds are 1:99991 for 5 numbers and the special number. The overall odds are 1:38. It is still better odds than most of other lotto games.

Divisions Matches Odds to win
1 Prize 6+1 1:18,598,272
2 Prize 6 1:2,656,896
3 Prize 5+1 1:99,991
4 Prize 5 1:14,284
5 Prize 4+1 1:2,666
6 Prize 4 1:381
7 Prize 3+1 1:207
8 Prize 3 1:30

Israel New Lotto Prize Breakdown


Please find the Israel New Lotto divisions and estimated prize for each division in the table below:

Divisions Matches Estimated Prizes
1 Prize 6+1 ₪5,000,000
2 Prize 6 ₪1,000,000
3 Prize 5+1 ₪5,000
4 Prize 5 ₪500
5 Prize 4+1 ₪150
6 Prize 4 ₪55
7 Prize 3+1 ₪35
8 Prize 3 ₪10

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