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Hungarian National Lottery Results

Hungarian National Lottery Review

The Hungarian National Lottery


Being the largest gaming service provider in Hungary, the Hungarian National Lottery has exclusive rights to distribute a number of draw games, sports bets and prize tickets throughout the country. Moreover, the Hungarian National Lottery has invested in 4 major Hungarian casinos too! If you are planning to play the lottery in Hungary, know that the Hungarian National Lottery provides seven types of games, i.e. five-number draw lottery, six-number draw lottery, Scandinavian Lotto, Joker, Keno, Luxor and Puttó. It provides three types of sports bets i.e. Toto Pools, Tippmix and Goal Toto along with a portfolio of about 15-20 prize draw tickets.

Playing the Lottery, the Hungarian Way


According to their website, approximately ⅔ of the Hungarian adult population, which is approximately five million people, play the Hungarian National Lottery on a regular basis. With more than 50% market share in the Hungarian gaming market and a staff of over 1,200 employees, as quoted by the website itself,

“As a result of the company's dynamic growth, the average gaming revenues per resident is the highest among the lottery companies of Central Eastern European countries who joined the European Union in May 2004.”

Moreover, the Hungarian National Lottery has increased its turnover by nearly 70% over the past two years!

The Hungarian National Lottery Supports Responsible Gaming


The main objective of the Hungarian National Lottery is to provide a wide variety of entertaining and exciting games to a wide audience. On their website, it is mentioned, “Responsible gaming means the activities of the gaming operator, extending beyond its obligations prescribed by law, which aim at protecting its players from the harmful effects of excessive gaming. Keeping minors away from gaming and the protection of vulnerable social groups, along with the provision of relevant information and tools, play a crucial role here. In 2007 Szerencsejáték Zrt. signed the Responsible Gaming Standards that had been developed by European Lotteries and in 2010, we succeeded to meet its requirements.” Apart from that, it has also made it a point to fight against excessive gambling behavior and requests all its players to play responsibly by launching their new Code of Ethics, which outlines their mission along with their main introductory guidelines.

In order to ensure fair and responsible gaming, the Hungarian National Lottery stated that it would, “inform the public about what exactly it thinks on responsible gaming, the fight against gaming addiction and problem gaming, and responsible corporate behavior itself that must in all circumstances take the public interest into consideration.”

The Largest Gaming Service Provider in Hungary!


With many years of gaming success, the Hungarian National Lottery, aims to provide the best games available for lottery lovers in compliance with responsible gaming and business ethics. The Hungarian National Lottery therefore strives to continue providing the same guarantee with enthusiasm to make sure that its players are entertained while also supporting good causes! Well, next time you go to Hungary, do what most Hungarian adults do – play the lottery with utmost confidence!

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