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Estonia Lottery Results

Estonia Lottery Review

The Estonia Lottery – The Buzz behind the Curtains!


Are you aware of the Estonia Lottery? It is also known as the Eesti Loto in Estonia, there are many games offered by the Estonia Lottery to its avid lottery players, including the very popular and amazing the Viking Lotto as well as the multi-national EuroJackpot. Although some lotteries are only played in Estonia, others can be played throughout the Baltic States, Scandinavia and Europe. Now, thanks to the presence of some trusted lottery sites, players from all over the world can buy and play the Estonia Lottery online without leaving their houses in the first place!

The Estonia Lottery’s Exciting Games


We’ll take a look at the exciting games offered by the Estonia Lottery to their avid lottery players and to begin with, we’ll look at the Viking Lotto. Being the very first multi-national lottery, the Viking Lotto is operated by several national lottery companies worldwide. Also known as Víkingalottó, VikingLotto, Onsdags Lotto, OnsdagsLotto, Vikingu Loto, Viking Loto and Norsk Viking Lotto, this game is the most popular lottery game to be played and one lucky winner can get to win a massive amount of €25 million! In November of 2007, one lucky winner got the opportunity to take home a staggering amount of EEK 9.01 million!

Coming to the EuroJackpot, the 2nd biggest European Lottery game, the EuroJackpot was launched on the 23rd of March 2012, all with the aim of producing bigger jackpots and providing players with much better odds that EuroMillions. Played across 16 countries, a lucky winner gets to win up to €10 million and if there are rollovers, then up to €90 million. The EuroJackpot draws are held every Friday!

As for the Bingo Loto, this is a successful lottery game offered by the Estonia Lottery that has its very own TV show! Bingo Loto draws are held every Wednesday at 19:30. On the 25th of March 2009, a 38-year old Merike from Tartu won a whopping EEK 9.39 million! Then again in December of the same year, a lucky winner from Tallinn won a staggering amount of EEK 6.33 million proving to Bingo Loto’s 51st millionaire!

Coming to the Keno Loto, launched in May of 1995, this is an exciting game which allows the player to choose from different combinations of numbers. The more the numbers you choose, the more chances you have at winning Keno Loto and this game can be played Monday to Sunday! Draws are held every day of the week and prizes are determined by the size of the contribution made by the players.

As for scratch cards offered by the Estonia Lottery, players can buy them from legitimate kiosks and sellers for between EEK10 and EEK25. The Estonian Lottery scratch cards are: Talveloos 3, Reisiloto, Miljonär 2 (Millionaire 2), Summ 7 (Crowd 7) and ZoLoto. What are you waiting for? When you take a trip to Estonia, don’t forget to play the Estonia Lottery!

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