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Dutch National Lottery Numbers

Dutch National Lottery Review

The Dutch National Lottery – For Lottery Lovers


Being the world’s oldest continuous lottery, the Dutch National Lottery, which started in 1726 in The Hague, was first introduced by the Parliament of the Netherlands. Over the next 100 years it was known by numerous names, but it was only until 1848 when it was officially renamed as the Dutch StaatsLoterij or the Nederlandse Staatsloterij, which in English means the Dutch National Lottery or the Netherlands National Lottery. As for the popularity if the Dutch National Lottery, let it be known that within the Netherlands, the game of lottery is extremely popular and more than half the population plays it. From the sales of the lottery tickets, at least 60% goes back to their customers in the form of prize money.

The Dutch National Lottery – What It Is All About


The Dutch National Lottery is not like most lottery games that you will find around the world. It can be closely matched to the famous El Gordo of Spain because it is, much like this, a sweepstake type of lottery. The Dutch National Lottery draws are held 14 times every year on the 10th of every month at 8:00pm CET, and two special draws, the Koninginnedagtrekking – Queen’s Draw and the Oudejaarstrekking – Old and New Draw are held on the 30th April and on the 31st December. The best part about the Dutch National Lottery are the odds of winning a monetary prize, i.e. one in every two Dutch lottery players is given the opportunity to win a prize! On an average, the Dutch National Lottery jackpot amounts to approximately €23 million! More interestingly, around 4.3 million prizes can be won on the Dutch National Lottery in every draw!

The Dutch National Lottery – The Lottery Players


Unlike most major lotteries around the world, the Dutch National Lottery can be played from virtually anywhere as lottery players have the ability to purchase lottery tickets online from reputable online lottery agents. As for the lottery results, as soon as the numbers are drawn on the 10th of every month, the results are televised and are also published on the Dutch National Lottery website.

The Dutch National Lottery Jackpot


In May 2013, the biggest Dutch National Lottery jackpot emerged when a lucky winner from Utrecht scooped up a solid €38.4 million! The second biggest jackpot came in 2012 when a lucky winner from Groningen won a whopping €30 million.

The Dutch National Lottery – An Overview


Approximately 60% of the revenue made from lottery tickets are returned to the lottery players in the form of prize money and the remainder is directed towards the State Treasury after all the expenses have been deducted. The best part about playing the Dutch National Lottery is that the prize money will be paid to you in a lump sum and all prizes, include the mega jackpot is tax free! A player has 365 days to claim the prize before it becomes invalid. Can’t wait to play the Dutch National Lottery, can you?!

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