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Denmark National Lottery Results

Denmark National Lottery Review

Let’s Review The Denmark National Lottery!


As mentioned previously, the games offered by the Denmark National Lottery are played throughout Scandinavia and Europe. But that’s not it! Thanks to reputable online lottery sellers, people from all over the world can buy and play the Denmark National Lottery.

The Denmark National Lottery Games


Launched across 16 countries throughout Europe on the 23rd of March 2012, was the EuroJackpot, and it is also one of the most popular games offered by the Denmark National Lottery. With exciting jackpots, a lucky winner can win €10 million from the EuroJackpot and up to €90 million if there’s a rollover! In Denmark the biggest EuroJackpot win came on the 20th February 2015 when a player from Helsingor won for a whopping €49.67 million! The Viking Lotto, also known as the Onsdags Lotto, is another popular game offered by the Denmark National Lottery.

The Viking Lotto is also known as the Víkingalottó, VikingLotto, Vikingu Loto, Viking Loto and Norsk Viking Lotto. Back in 2005, the Denmark National Lottery welcomed its biggest lottery jackpot winner from Aarhus, who won a whopping kr. 48 million! But then on the 28th January 2012, the overall Viking Jackpot reached a staggering amount of €25 million! Particular to the Denmark players is the Lordag Lotto, a lotto that is drawn on Saturdays, which began operating in October of 1989 and uses a matrix of 7/36 + 1. The jackpots for this lotto can rise up to DKr 10 million, but the biggest achievement came on the 29th March of 2008 when a lucky player from Copenhagen won a whopping DKr 38.54 million!

Apart from these lottery games, there is a game called Joker, a game you can play in conjunction with the Viking Lotto and the Lordag Lotto. People who play the Joker say that it significantly increases their chances of winning the lottery. Starting the 3rd of February 2010, the Joker jackpot was guaranteed as a minimum of DKr 2 million! Then we have the Keno, another popular game offered by the Denmark National Lottery. The draws take place every day and the results are displayed on TV and published on their website. With Keno, it is believed that the more you play, the more chances that you win. In 2009, for example a win of DKr 20 million emerged and 8 Keno players become millionaires! Apart from these games you’ll find wagers, football games, horse racing, greyhound racing and many more hosted by the Denmark National Lottery!

Next time you’re in Denmark, you know exactly what you need to do!

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