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Czech Republic Lottery Results

Czech Republic Lottery Review

The Czech Republic Lottery – A Timed History


The Czech Republic Lottery started its operations on the 15th of September 1956 and that’s when it launched its sports betting services. It was starting the 22nd of April 1957 that it introduced the oldest and most popular lottery games called Sportka. Then in 1981, the Czech Republic lottery introduced the Pick 5 out of 40 lottery game and since then it has been introducing new games whenever possible! Here’s a sample timeline:

• 1989 instant lottery (scratch cards)
• 1993 on-line system, the introduction of the Jackpot
• 1994 game Lucky 10
• 1995 Wednesday's draw Sportka; side game Million Chance
• 2002 fast game KENO; credit charging for mobile phone; The validation system for instant lottery
• 2003 Euromilióny
• 2010 introduction SUPERJACKPOT Sportky

It was in 2012 that the Czech Republic lottery changed the ownership of its company and then became a member of a multinational financial and investment conglomerate, operating in 11 countries on 4 continents.

The Czech Republic Lottery Games


According to their website, the Sportka is the easiest of all lottery games as the player has to select 6 numbers out of 49! The Sportka is drawn twice a week every Wednesday and Sunday and a lucky winner can win up to CZK 270,000! When it comes to the Lucky 10, a lottery player has to choose between the number 1 and 10 from 80 numbers and because Lucky 10 draws are held every day, lucky players get a chance to take home one hundred million!

Then we have the popular EuroMillions – the draws take place twice a week every Tuesday and Saturday. Then Keno, the fastest lottery game is one in which draws take place every five minutes! With Keno you can choose 2 to 7 numbers from 58 numbers. In Kasicka, you get to choose 3, 4, and 5 numbers for a single price and draws take place twice every day so you get a chance of winning twice! Then finally they also have Eurojackpot for those avid lottery players!

The Czech Republic Lottery Supports Responsible Gaming


The main objective of the Czech Republic Lottery is to provide a wide variety of entertaining and exciting games to a wide audience. On their website, it is mentioned, “The company SAZKA is a member of the World Lottery Association (WLA), which in 2006 established a framework of responsible gaming. Their membership in WLA is committed to the responsible approach to our customers and the public order. WLA Members are united in their commitment to fight against illegal gaming and defend public order defined by each respective government in each respective member jurisdiction.

This requirement provides the background to the principles of responsible gaming WLA. These principles are based on the rules WLA were developed based on the unanimous decision of members of WLA Granada, a complete set of standards related to social responsibility. Responsibility for gambling is a key element of the continuous commitment of each individual member of WLA this social responsibility and social impact of lotteries and other forms of gambling, including sports betting.”

Apart from that, it has also made it a point to fight against excessive gambling behavior and requests all its players to play responsibly by providing ten program element framework of responsible gaming that include, research, staff training, sales training, proposal games, remote gaming channels, advertising and marketing communications, education players, recommending treatment, involvement of shareholders and reporting, measurement and certification of
systematic procedures for obtaining, verifying and documenting commitments and actions of your lottery, as well as its progress assessed according to the criteria set out in the framework of responsible gaming for the purpose of assessing the WLA.

So next time you’re in the Czech Republic, don’t forget to check out the famous Czech Republic Lottery and who knows, maybe you’re their next mega winner!

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