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    Wednesday and Saturday

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Indiana Hoosier Lotto

The Indiana Hoosier Lotto is one of those lottery games which provide an immense amount of fun, thrill and excitement while playing and if you win – double all that 5 times!

The Indiana Hoosier Lottery is managed by the Indiana Government and is the only US lottery game with the State’s epithet included in it. Hoosier Lottery includes few online games: Powerball, Daily 3, Daily 4, Lucky 5, Scratchers, Quick Draw, Mix & Match and Mega Millions are all associated with the Indiana Hoosier Lottery.

The Indiana Hoosier Lottery was launched in 1994. The lottery draw on Nov 7, 2007 stood a lottery jackpot of $54.5 million, the country’s biggest lottery jackpot ever before, won by a metal staff member Peter Gilbert from Chicago. After winning he selected the money choice of $40.4 million instead of the thirty yearly payments.
Mix&Match is actually played out on Tuesday as well as Friday nights. For each and every Mix&Match ticket, gamers get 3 ranges of 5 numbers each; one entry costs $2. 5 numbers out of 1 to 50 are drowned. Match the five numbers throughout a 3 range set in order to earn as much as $5,000. Match up all of the 5 numbers on the same entry towards winning $200,000.

Hoosier Lotto is wagered on Wednesday and Saturdays, it’s a 6/48 matrix. The jackpots can start at $1 million, following a couple of draws with no winner; the lottery jackpot will rise by $500,000 for each lotto draw.

The Hoosier Lotto is awesome it will give you amazing odds and great cashing options – this is the way to go Champ!

Indiana Hoosier Lotto Rules

At Indiana Hoosier Lotto need to pick 6 numbers and the draw is every Wednesday and Saturday.

The jackpot associated with this lottery game begins with one million dollar and in situations where there are no jackpot winners the prize amount is rolled over. Winners are granted their prize money in 30 installments. Players can cross check the winning numbers through newspapers, television, lottery ticket retailers or via LotteryPros.com.
For every game associated with the Indiana Hoosier Lottery, there are different draw days and timings, which need to be checked out while buying the tickets for the same.