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Group Lottery Play: Who Claims Prizes and How?

Group Lottery Play: Who Claims Prizes and How?

Not only is playing the lottery with your friends a lot of fun, but it also provides fantastic opportunities for improving your winning odds. When money is involved, however, things can go south really fast. This is why you need to come up with an arrangement for claiming the prize in the event of winning. Who carries the massive responsibility of cashing out the lottery ticket? Whose...
How Many Lottery Millionaires Go Broke

When the Fairytale Is Over: How Many Lottery Millionaires Go Broke?

Winning the lottery – the ultimate dream, the chance of a lifetime? You probably think that becoming a lottery millionaire is your ticket to a better, more fulfilled, and luxurious life. Many others who got their hands on the jackpot had precisely the same thoughts… until things went south. It’s not uncommon for people who had a modest income and won the lottery to go overboard with...
Lottery winners who gave it all away

Lottery Winners Who Donated Their Prizes: Faith in Humanity Restored!

What would you do if you ever win the lottery jackpot? Get yourself a car? Some plastic surgery? Travel the world or start your own business? The things that lottery millionaires do with the cash they’ve claimed speaks a lot about character and integrity. While the stories of people who practically ruined their lives after becoming lottery millionaires are all over the media,...
Lottery Syndicates Who Played Once and Won Big

First Time Winners: Lottery Syndicates Who Played Once and Won Big!

Joining a lottery syndicate can be a great thing to do. It means you get to club together with your friends, family or co-workers and have a nice time enjoying playing the lottery and hopefully (one day) winning a jackpot that means you can all retire. For some, no matter how long they play it remains a pipe dream. For others, playing in a syndicate gets results very quickly! Here we...
Jamaican Lottery Scams

Jamaican Lottery Scams: What Are They and How to Deal With Them

One of the biggest stories in lottery scamming that has sent shockwaves across the USA in recent months has been the rise of scammers from Jamaica. There has been a sharp increase in the numbers of innocent people - often senior citizens, who have been targeted by specific groups of criminals who hail from the country and have tried to extort money. Here, we investigate the rise of...
Lottery Winners Whose Money Caused An Accident

Crashing With the Cash: Lottery Winners Whose Money Caused An Accident

What's the first thing you would do if you won the lottery? Buy a new house? See your friends and family went for nothing? Then perhaps you might want to treat yourself to a brand new, flashy car or even something bigger and better than that, like a helicopter or speedboat. While winning the lottery can prove to be beneficial to many people’s lives in lots of ways, sometimes spending...
Lottery Changed My Life

Lottery Changed My Life Stories

Often we hear about people who have won huge sums on the lottery, but very little about what happens to them afterwards. A lottery win can be a massive life event and so here are the stories of how the lottery changes people’s lives and what they’ve done with their big wins. Roy Gibney Roy won a Lotto jackpot of $7,500,000, twenty years ago in 1998. He was a sheet metal...
The Mavis Wanczyk Lottery Scam

The Mavis Wanczyk Lottery Scam (No, a Lottery Winner Didn’t Contact You for Real!)

Were you wondering about the latest lottery scams? We’re glad that you’ve asked! In recent times, scammers are becoming more creative than ever. Their new endeavors are probably prompted by the fact that the number of people falling for traditional lotto scams goes down all the time (thank God for that!). So, now that Powerball and EuroMillions scams are no longer doing the trick,...
6 Things You Have to Know about Playing US Powerball Online

6 Things You Have to Know about Playing US Powerball Online

You’re lazy, or you live in a country that’s not the US – hey, we’re not judging! Everybody loves buying things online, and we’re not an exception. If you could get lottery tickets from the bed and while in your pajamas why wouldn’t you? The possibility seems to be even more attractive when massive lotteries like Powerball are concerned. Playing the US Powerball online has become...
8 Obvious Signs of Online Lottery Scams

8 Obvious Signs of Online Lottery Scams

With the introduction of the internet, lottery players got a lot more diversity in terms of what lotteries they can play. All of a sudden, your location became irrelevant. However, the online world became a breeding place for online lottery scams as well. Believe it or not, thousands of scammers prey on naive, yet very eager lottery players. There isn’t a guide that will help you spot...